what did I see?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> what did I see?

what did I see?
Post # 1
In 2013 I was in my last year of highschool, and was on the bus home. I spent most of my time looking out the window, on occount of having to sit next to roudy middleschoolers. When the Bus was turning into a culdesac I felt a strange, ominus gut feeling. I looked out the window of the rear seat and saw something that should not be real. As a kid the other kids would sometimes tell of a little man who would run about when nobody was looking. For years I thought they were joking, but that day I saw a little grey figure. But unlike most apperations this one was much more well defined. About 5' feet tall, with garb that reminded me strongly of that of the early Meiji era where people would add western and traditional clothes together as they saw practical. In this case (from the top down) a Broad rimmed hat, a greatcoat, traditional pants with rappings on the lower part, and two toothed geta. It noticed me, panicked and bolted across the sidestreet and into the woods. The part that disturbed me was that as it went into the woods it ran next to a small pine tree and the lower branches (but not the top ones) moved as if by a strong gust of wind that did not effect any other trees further away (there was no other wind that day) implying it had physical mass. From what I can tell this is a one off incident, I have never seen anything like this before or since. Could someone explain what this was?
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Re: what did I see?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Since you mentioned Meiji, I would assume you saw something out of the folklore of the East. I would love to help you, but I know nothing of that mythology, although it is my next goal when I buy new books. (I need to read the ones I have first!)

We have a few members that know an immense amount about that side of the world and the folklore of it, I suggest approaching them on it. There could have been someone that practiced Shinto rituals in the area that drew it near.
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Re: what did I see?
Post # 3
Thanks! Though I don't know of any shinto practitioners in my town, the area does have a lot of conservation land, with old knarled trees, and the occasional trace of old foundations and plot markers (I live in an old town in Massachusetts, in the 1840's there was a big move westward to get less rocky soil, hence the small ruins) but the only thing we have in our area that I have almost never seen anywhere else is that on some of the gently sloping hills in the woods... when one stomps on the ground one gets the impression that it's hollow, one time me and my brother tried shoving a piece of rebar downward, only to find that there was an empty cavity about a foot below the surface, this was true for a roughly 10 pace by 15 pace square area. The reason why nobody seems to go to these places is because of 3 main reasons: 1, internet 2, lots of ticks, 3, verdent and lush poison ivy almost everywhere.
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Re: what did I see?
Post # 4
this could be the soul of that who have dead in that area. most spirits haunt places if they have died there or summoned.

Spirits have a electrical wave around them which explains the fact that the tree moved.
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