Shamanic Journeys

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Shamanic Journeys
Post # 1

I need help witth shamanic journeys, Im a sea witch and I wish to connect shamansim to my path. In shamanism your suppose to find a place where spirit world is at its thinnest for journeys. Can I go to a beach, pond, or lake or something and do this because I have a personal belief where a big amount of water is at like the ocean its sacred because that where land sea and sky meet, so its like a crossroads between the spirit world. So is it possbile to do shamanic journeys by instead of going in a hole you can swim.

I also dont know how shamaninc journerys work. Is it like guided meditation or something please help with these questions. How do they work

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Re: Shamanic Journeys
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Journeying is not about physical travel. Journeying is a catch all word for any type of trance work including vision quests, traveling the microcosm (inside of yourself), and projecting outward (spirit flight) to travel the realms/worlds.

You should prepare by learning how to enter a trance, explore lucid dreaming, and astral projection. The "astral" is the spirit side of our world, that of pure emotion and thought. When you are able to see beyond yourself, overcome, understand and control your mind and feelings, you can journey past this and experience the rest with clear sight. Those that try to rush and journey "the worlds" before coming to terms with their shadow side and Self do nothing more than have adventures in delusion.
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Re: Shamanic Journeys
Post # 3

With Shamanic Journeying you dont need to be in that specific locaton to journey there. Also within the world of Shamanism every place and all things are sacred. Therefore, there is no specfic place where the spirit world is at its thinnest. However, there are places that resonate with your soul that help you, and only you, with the journeying process. For you it would be a beach, pond, or lake or even just your home.

Also the hole you are referencing is the portal into the lower world, not nessecarily all of the spirit world. But, yes you can swim there. To be truthful, you can travel through the spirit world any method you want. Even through elevator if you want. The method or format does not matter, the only thing that matters is that spirit is present.

If you want to learn shamanic journeyingI would recommend SandraIngerman's books on shamanic journeying forgreat information, easy to read as well as practices.

Any questions, contact me.

~Yateeh Aho~

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Re: Shamanic Journeys
Post # 4
I got interested by Shamanism awhile ago and I was told to check out a book named Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. I really loved it and I'd suggest checking it out if you're looking to read about Shamanism.

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Re: Shamanic Journeys
Post # 5
It's when you meet up with your guides while in a trance or lucid dream.
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Re: Shamanic Journeys
By: / Novice
Post # 6

my opinion/ advice is this; journeys are utilizing altered states of consciousness for a purpose, direction, will.

Know what you wish to accomplish with your journey, even if it just getting your feet wet ;)

It is a meditation in one sense, but in my experience much more like ecstatic trance achieved by meditating and ritual atmosphere.

Watching the water is hypnotizing, it would make sense to me to use the water to help get to the altered state necessary for journeying.

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