Greetings from the Uk

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Greetings from the Uk
Post # 1
Sorry about that guys I needed to 're-post'.

Iv'e been on a spiritual journey my entire life and I think a lot of people are generally, sometimes we can go through faith changes and phases but ultimately they are all leading to the same destination.

I am the priestess of the Sacred Trinity, a small coven based in our local community. Although our traditions are secret, they are only in the sense that we incorporate a unique set of practices into our way of life so we are quite eletic, but we do observe a sacred path that dates back for thousands of years.

This is also my spellbook account so I don't really use the site to talk to others, unless it's members from my trinity or its in relation to a spell I've uploaded. TrikoNa and Triquertra are the other two members of my trinity, you can contact them on either of those accounts, so If they haven't said hello to you already, please don't be shy to message them any-time.

We are here to bring our peace and goodwill as a small coven, and to contribute to the site through spells , articles and to help and serve others in the forums. Sharing our knowledge with the wider occult community is something that would bring great joy to us and prosperity to members on this site.

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for reading.

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Re: Greetings from the Uk
Post # 2
Your bio says you don't message or contact anyone not in your coven based on an alleged secrecy. How would you plan on giving peace and good will if you don't reach out to others?
I was wondering if your small coven had an IEN or if it was 501C3? Just curious.
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Re: Greetings from the Uk
Post # 3

My sinceriest apologies Guidance, I have been quite busy over the last month with some personal research and have only just logged in to see your message, I am happy to explain a bit more about the role of our Trinity here to help clear some thigns up.

First and foremost we are not anything more than a group of three firneds who all share a passion for magic and the occult arts who one day decided to give ourselves the name 'The Sacred Trinity" but we do not claim to be a propper classifyed coven and instead call ourselfves a trinity as there is three of us.

Also we are only really expressing that name in a light hearted almost sort of as a joke, but we do also now practise together as if we were a coven, however our involement here on SoM is to take part as actual members of the site on an individal basis. We do in one aspect share a similar trait to a group known as the patha watha sisterhood.

Although I don't specifically know who they are, we as a trinity came up with a new magical concept and decided to name it LITA-TBUA, and the brother/sisterhood of the Lita-tbua as mentioned previously the name that makes up the name of the hood based upon it's meaning and members can only be invited, but once they are they receive a full text document explaining the meaning of the anagram and the book of the hood.

Again nothing serious or really to be taken seriously, it's just something fun we want to share with the website, we hope to get to know people over the years and are all looking foreward to our time together, I hope this helps to clear things up a bit better :)

Love and light, Triquilla x

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