I am a newbie

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> I am a newbie

I am a newbie
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

I am very interested in spells and all kinds of Witchcraft.
I have a few questions to be answered:

1, I have the guardian angel tarot card from Doreen Virtue, I wonder if this deck can be used in any spreads with the same effect?

2, for candles in magick, is it any normal candles as long as in the right colour?

3, Where do you get your spells from and if you have one very reliable website that concludes safe spells and witchcrafts?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: I am a newbie
Post # 2

Hi nancy!

I am not sure with the Tarrot card things because I am not familiar with it.

As for candles. Candles are keys which help in magic. Keys are anything that we use to aid our energy in a magical work. For examples candle, incense, perfumes, herbs etc. Colours have specific meaning to us and the world and each and every colour affect in different frequencies changing their effects. Which uis why different colours have different meanings. yes, you can use normal candles of specific colours needed for specific things for example use of red or pink or both in love spells etc. Some people like to consecrate their candle before they use it as it is believed to raise the energy emitted by the candle for more effect. but it all lies in your heart. Consecrating is not necessary. Follow what your heart says because that is the messages of your Higher-Self. For consecrating your candle I believe there is a video by Akasha Wolf in youtube. Follow her channel and she puts up a lot of useful stuffs up. Her channel is Akasha Wolf.

For spells, most of us write down or make spells newly and then work it out since, it is believed if we write a spell for ourselves it creates a personal meaning for us and thus increases the effect. personal things means a lot to you since it is linked with you and your spirit or Higher-Self as you call it. but it is not necessary. This site itself has a lot of spells for you to try. Warning; Though some of them might be fluffy, but some are real spells. Look at the ratng, it tells a lot about it. if you are a beginner into magic, I suggest going through articles in this sight, it helped me a lot in my path. if you have more questions just contact me or anyother people whom you think are reliable.

Thank you (^.^)

Blessed be

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Re: I am a newbie
Post # 3
hi Waterlock, thanks for your prompt reply.

I have got a question since i am not very familiar to the whole things but i am very spiritual.
I wonder if any of you have got a reliable sources base or if there is other website that is reliable to check on?

I am still on going to learn more. So would be nice if i can have infos who those have tried and practiced.

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Re: I am a newbie
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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