Question About Bind-runes

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Question About Bind-runes
Post # 1
Bind-runes (not totally sure if its two words, one word, or what)involving Raidho or Berkano will always have Wunjo in them (Berkano having Raidho and Wunjo) as a result of the design of the rune itself. Does this effect the outcome or am I just looking into this too deeply?
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Re: Question About Bind-runes
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You are not looking at it too deeply. Yes, it does effect the outcome. But what you don't realize is that the runes do in fact overlap much of what they are. Isa is in both and so is kenaz! Ice and Fire are the elements of creation, the birth of a journey, the hearth of the world tree. The runes seen individually will trick you more so than not. When seeing how they flow into one another, as everything in life flows into itself, you will learn the mystery, the secret--what Odin sacrificed himself for--understanding of the inner workings of the fabric that is our world.

When you create bind runes you are taking that focused essence and wrapping it up together for a specific purpose. The runes themselves will do as they desire if you do not give them that specific purpose. I find that in order to direct bindrunes correctly, you must include a goal, a compliment, and a guide. The goal is your main purpose, the compliment helps it along by making the purpose more precise, and the guide keeps it from swaying from your original goal. For instance if you use thurisaz, it could be very chaotic and destructive, much laying down bullets on a hot platform, but if you pair it with ansuz or algiz, it would keep it in line, direct it like the barrel of a gun.
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Re: Question About Bind-runes
Post # 3
Alright, I think I understand more, thank you. I didn't really think I was over-thinking but you never know! I am going to try to look at runes as all interconnected as you said; its hard for me sometimes because I get too caught up in the single rune's meaning to look at how it connects with the others.
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Re: Question About Bind-runes
Post # 4
Thanks White, that is actually a whole perspective on Bind runes that I have never considered. I only knew that I could see other runes in a Bind rune but I never even considered there could a be a reason for it.

With thanks
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