Spells gone wrong

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Spells gone wrong
Post # 1
Hey there,
Spells can be tricky things, especially if you're new to it or it requires very precise actions or ingredients. So obviously spells can go wrong sometimes, right? It hasn't happened to me, I'm extremely meticulous when it comes to what I do, but what could be some of the effects if a spell did go wrong? I assume nothing to be honest, but then again if you direct energy in the wrong way it is plausible something could go awry. Could you accidentally cause someone harm instead of helping them? Could you send certain energy to the wrong person ? Could you summon something instead of banishing etc?

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Re: Spells gone wrong
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Basically, a spell gone wrong is the same when a plan of yours goes wrong. Say you are planning a romantic date with your significant other. You have everything perfectly thought out. What could cause it to go wrong? There are plenty of factors involved in every given situation. Many that we cannot control. We can do our best to safeguard against these mishaps in order to possibly dodge problems. We could created contingency plans and think through how it could go wrong to create a higher probability of success. But the one thing in life that is not certain is the future. The simplest spells are usually the best because it nudges things quickly and lightly in the direction we desire instead of trying to manifest big dramatic change that has a ton of factors involved. Knowing which direction to nudge is what experience teaches. Experientia docet. ;) Another most common "spells gone wrong" scenario is the way a problem is approached. You don't cure depression with alcohol. You don't heal a bullet wound with a bandaid. But you'll be amazed how many people think relationship woes can be cured with love spells. And self esteem issues can be cured by beauty spells. Most of the time when spells "don't work" or "go wrong" is when they are not applied properly. The word "witch" originates from the meaning of "wise" and if the witch. And magic is only as intelligently applies as the caster applies it. Magic isn't a simple "abracadabra" panacea. And people think it is. Then they blame the spell instead of looking in the mirror.
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Re: Spells gone wrong
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. A very very unlikely perhaps.
More like, if you messed up a banishing ritual, you wouldn't summon anything, you would just upset whatever it was you were trying to get rid of. Leading to a probably uncomfortable span of time.

Obviously, if you mess up a spell, you're not going to accidentally burn down a city. And if you do mess up a spell, the world still turns on. So in the grandly magnificent scheme of things, no, nothing will happen. But on a personal level, you may rack up some funky energy.
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Re: Spells gone wrong
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Also what Raven said! Applications and what not. Knowing the proper action for the occasion.
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Re: Spells gone wrong
Post # 5
Yes I assumed a lot of what you guys are saying would happen, it's just something I've always been curious about. Thanks for the comments!
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