My sister is not herself

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My sister is not herself
Post # 1
I am the oldest of 8 children born to one mother and several fathers. I recently pieced together events from my past that suggest my mother has M?nchhausen By Proxy(wikipedia), or something to that effect. She's had many drug addict boyfriends, we've moved approx 13 times by the time I was 17, and she had us all believing we had mental problems. Recently one of my younger sisters who still lives with our mother got ahold of me. She was acting like a different person from less than a year ago, when i last saw her. Scary different. Going from hipster-punk girl to bubbly valley girl("like OMG" she literally said that). She didn't seem to remember abhorrent things our mother has done in front of her. I have memories of my parents making black mirrors and selling them when I was about 2. I've been told they practiced bad magic before I was born. I was wondering if magic could do that to someone, and if so, is there a way to help fix it and shield her without being able to see her in person. I have no clue where they are...
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Re: My sister is not herself
Post # 2
Sometimes these cases happen revolving around magic, but I doubt its a result of anyone's else's magic. Do your parents still practice magic? If not, then it is often known that people who drop magic from their lives often have a lot of bad things happen to them. This is most likely due to the fact that every force you interact with in magic stays with you and those forces usually don't like to be ignored. Shielding may help.
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Re: My sister is not hers
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Dont borrow trouble. Talking to someone once in a year isnt enough to worry about a teenager going from goth to valley girl. And no harm can come from stopping doing magick. Some people may believe thats true but that doesnt make it true.
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Re: My sister is not herself
Post # 4
Here is what you do, find an excuse to see her and in a non to direct way ask questions that she would half to know or that only she would know, while its probably nothing because its a teenage girl and whe all know how that goes, but I remember reading online of something simular ( I never really believed in it but batter safe than sory) of a entitie possessing a person, but check her memory, while the entitie might be able to aces her memory in theory so do it like for laughs or something in a way which isnt to much like a interrogation and if it feels like she doesn't really remember any of that send me a massage and ill tell you how to deal with it (but I still dont buy that its something magic related, its just mor of a batter safe than posesed by a demon thing (and I know that im the only person who says it that way))
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Re: My sister is not herself
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I don't know her age but she could be at that age where the influence of others is big. Everyone goes through a point where they do something stupid for others, so it could be her friends, or she has just decided she's more interested in the vally girl scene. [personally I don't see who would but some do enjoy that lifestyle] so you could just view it as a phase, keep an eye on her, but don't panic.

In regards to magick effecting her, yes, someone could theoretically cast a spell to make her act different, but its like love spells, you need to overpower her free will and it wouldn't be perminant. Your parents dabbling in 'black magic' two decades ago really shouldn't effect her but some lingering energy could effect the atmosphere of the home. In which case a cleansing and protection should be done.

You can also cast over another even if you're far away [its just a bit more tricky] since she's your sister you know where she lives and have her photo. You can cast a spell using the photo, or direct the energy onto her where she lives. Just visualize a protective bubble around her and it should work. Keep in mind casting over another regardless of the reasons should first be discussed with the person and permission granted for the spell.
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Re: My sister is not herself
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

You haven't watched many teenagers grow up have you? I have seen some incredible transformations. It's perfectly normal. The teen years is when people go through their first form of identity crisis and they are in search of who they are. They tend to make quite a few mistakes along the way and can change considerably. And it generally doesn't end until they are in their early 20s. I'm sorry your sister is talking like a valley girl. That really does sound scary. But I assure you, it isn't magic, it's hormones and brain development to blame. Social growth occurs in adolescense and that's when the dreaded "peer pressure" begins to rear its ugly head.

Black mirrors is not black magic. In fact, black mirrors is a form of divination, generally scrying, much like a crystal ball. It can also be used to see and communicate with spirits. There is nothing wrong with it. It's not going to cause rockers to become preppy. In fact, most right wing Christians would say the punk/gothic/rockers are the evil ones and the valley girls are the sweet ones. I was a rocker in high school, so I can relate to your horror. The valley girls scared me too. =p

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