Did I Handle This Well?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Did I Handle This Well?

Did I Handle This Well?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Explaining this situation requires a bit of story telling. I have a gay friend who is Pentecostal. Naturally his parents thought that nearly driving him to suicide was the appropriate response to his situation. Within a few weeks of meeting him, I taught my friend to be more sceptical when presented with evidence of the sacred or supernatural. As in, sure god might exist but that miracle in church might not be miraculous at all, the world was probably formed in more than seven days, etc...

Also told him to consider christian denominations that didn't think he was an abomination.

Overall I've had a positive effect. He's happier, he finds that the world makes more sense...

So in response his mom is praying for me to die. I think it's a little extreme but whatever.

I've sense that some of what she's done has been effective because I've detected a dark miasma around me recently with what little ESP I have.

Are the protections I've put up enough?
I've cleared my chakra

I set up a paper talisman with a bindrune above my dorm. The bindrune is a combination of Algiz, Eihwaz, Thurisaz, Wunjo, and Ingwaz

I carry around a charm for protection too. It as a runescript with Algiz, Eihwaz, My Bindrune, Wunjo, and Ingwaz

I've sensed some improvement over the past two days, but is it enough? Also if you're familiar with runes. Do you think I might accidentally hurt this woman with my scripts. I want her to stop not to get hurt.

Thank you

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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
No matter how often this woman prays for your death, you will not die. If you do, it will be for some other reason, not her prayers!
Fear not!
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
Post # 3
Your probably just sensing negative energies she's projecting as her prayers for your death will never be answered. I hate to see Christians with such warped views not that I would consider her a Christian, but it's especially disheartening to see a fellow Pentecostal acting in such a dark manner. I don't believe your in magickal danger but I would be wary of physical danger considering her state of mind. She sounds as if she's disturbed and I would warn my friend to be especially careful around her.
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Oh I certainly know I won't die. But this is a lot of negative mental energy channeled into a prayer, which no matter what anyone says, is a ritual. Basically she cast black magic with the worst intent possible. Even if I don't die I'm sure bad luck is always an option.

I'm pretty sure that her curse is receeding anyway. The first day after she prayed I could this thick black cloud around me filling me with dread and even making me feel a little sick

The next day I cast my protection spells. It was actually very depressing because around me there was a clear bubble, but only a few feet away it was just black miasma everywhere.

Over the the past three days, the cloud has turned into wisps and it's still fading.

The whole episode has left me kind of shaken. I've never seen the supernatural used with such negative intent before, and while I was confident that I could handle it, I wanted such reassurance.

The other reason I posted was because I used Eihwaz (a rune that sets events to rights) and thurisaz (an aggressive rune of protection) in my spells. This woman might be fine hurting people with the supernatural but I'm not. I was wondering if anyone has been locked in this kind of a struggle before and inadvertantly caused extra damage

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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
Post # 5
I would just turn the energy positive or deflect it back at her, shour sounds like she deserves it
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
Post # 6
You handled it as well as could be expected. I have had someone praying God would take me out of this life on more than one occassion. I have Christian family and friends who prayed for my safekeeping. That being said, Have you got any Christian family and friends who can pray for your safekeeping? :-) Never hurts to have multiple beliefs in play when dealing with a distraught ptentially unstable hatemonger.
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Norse Paganism from General Info.
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
"Algiz, Eihwaz, Thurisaz, Wunjo, and Ingwaz"

It's not what I would do, but it could work. It started strong but ended weak. I would need to see the bindrune itself to analyze it better, because bindrunes tend to have other runes peaking through it unintentionally that do effect the outcome.

Algiz the protector on all levels, the metaphorical shield
Eihwaz, defense through flexibility, metaphorical evasion
Thurisaz, protector through aggression, metaphorical war hammer

I really like this. Great set up. But then you lose me on the next two.

Thurisaz in protection tends to work like Thor with his mjolnir, swinging away. When used alone, it can sometimes cause unnecessary damage. So I always recommend pairing it to keep it focused. Inguz can ground Thurisaz with it's earthiness, although I would personally have chosen something like Sowulo, Teiwaz or Ansuz instead to swing the intention of the entire formula up into a balanced state of order.

I think this is what your intentions with wunjo but I'm not sure if it would be an overwhelming opposition to thurisaz. It's like removing the weapon and putting flowers in the hand of a big burly viking. Kill em with love eh? LOL! I don't think the viking would like that much. :p

See what I mean? It doesn't flow and although it isn't a bad direction to take, you're still pulling the weapon away and putting a foam stick in it's place. If you want it to be entirely peaceful without possible harm, remove thurisaz and add in something like dagaz for it's qualities of illusion and changing things to their opposites.

That's my two cents from 14 years of experience with my rune friends. ;)
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Re: Did I Handle This Well?
Post # 9
On the bright side I was inspired by this topic to learn about bindrunes. Found a great website about them. Thank you. :-)
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