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Name: changedcynic
Birthday: 1995
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 14 Oct 2016


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If you want to ask me any questions or want someone to do a spell, don't be afraid to give me a message. Please don't ask for anything that can be harmful to you or others.

Don't ask for spells to change your species. You're a human being and you always will be. You should be proud of that.

You can think and aspire to be something other unlike a wolf, you are not dependant on hurting others to live like a vampire, and you are not drowning in oil slick like a real mermaid might be.

Hi I try to use magic to improve my life and the lives of those around me. I first came in contact with the supernatural when I learned about elder futhark runes and experienced their ability to shape reality. Somewhat averse to using dieties in my magic as I prefer to avoid meddling with being beyond my comprehension. That and I don't like owing favors. It's not a firm rule just a preference. There's always more to learn about magic and I hope to gain what I can from the magic-users on this site, and give what I can in return

My Spellwork:

I'm highly skilled at galdr as well as making bindrunes and runescripts. By skilled I don't mean I'm some sort of wiseman or scholar. I only mean that when I make use these methods to perform magic, I always get a recognizable effect.

Here are a few examples of what kinds of magic I can do and what spells made me truly believe magic was real.

  • Galdr Incantation to speed up the train
  • Ritual used to get into the college which would allow me to be most useful in life
  • Talisman I used to mend a friendship (didn't infringe on anyone's will, it just improved our ability to understand eachother

Divinatory Abilities:

  • Very good with cartomancy, at least when reading in person
  • Neophyte at crystal ball gazing
  • Decent dowser


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