Pentagram proprietes

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Pentagram proprietes
Post # 1
Can someone help me plz, i want to know the propreties of Pentagram and how can i exploit them 4 example can i use the pentagram for luck or bring misfortune to others????
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Re: Pentagram proprietes
Post # 2
The pentagram is an ancient symbol which has acquired various meanings over time. For my tradition it is primarily used in elemental rituals and protection rituals. You will get people saying that an upside-down pentagram is for cursing, this is nonsense in my opinion.

I wouldn't know how to incorporate it into a curse, however I never curse anyone. For bringing luck you may wish to invoke the element of Earth for material gain....

Look into the greater ritual of the pentagram and the method of which they are drawn in each case, you can easily incorporate this into a spell.

Other possible meanings for the pentagram- The four elements ruled by spirit, the five wounds of Christ, The microcosm (Man/Woman).....I'm sure there are many others.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Pentagram proprietes
Post # 3
I would suggest learning the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram on google. Head- spirit. Right arm- air. Right leg-fire. Left leg-water. Left arm-earth. If you know how to cast a circle with the 4 elements then this should transfer easily.
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Re: Pentagram proprietes
Post # 4
The pentagram is associated with elemental spells, sometimes with protection spells, and I sopose that even know I haven't cheked but given its meaning it could also be used four unity spells
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No Subject
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
The pentagram or rather five point star, is the symbol of venus (the planet itself). But venus has the symbolism of the Queen of the Heavens and therefore can be used to symbolize the Goddess, or a specific goddess that is associated with the planet, such as Inanna, Astarte, Aphrodite, Artemis, Isis, etc.

A pentagram is a star alone.

But more popular is the pentacle--the star within a circle. People have placed many various meanings to it, from a man outstretched, to the four elements + spirit/akasha, to merely that of protection. But primarily, it has become a symbol to identify pagans that practice magick. You will generally find at least one on a magick practioner that honors nature.
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