Preventing Mistakes?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Preventing Mistakes?

Preventing Mistakes?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Over the years I've become very fond of using runescripts and galdr to perform magic. However, there are two runes that scare the bejeezus out of me: naudiz and thurisaz.

But of them can have two uses in a spell. Naudiz can represent a great need or relieve it. I used it in a poorly thought out script once and nearly drove myself crazy with want for something.

Thurisaz can be used for curse, representing challenges, or overcoming them. I try not to even use the rune because the last thing I want to do is curse me or someone else.

These two runes seem like they can have a great amount of potential and I was hoping someone had advice on using them in a script in a way that narrows down their definitions. As in, if I want naudiz to relieve a need, it does only that and not nearly driving me insane.

What I've done with other runes is to carry them around and see how they affect my day to understand them. However with these two, I didn't want to jeopardize myself with possible side effects.

Any ideas, suggestions, or even a post that tells me if I'm being a moron about it would be helpful.

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Re: Preventing Mistakes?
Post # 2
rune magik is very powerful indeed its the only kind i do. i had a wiccan book and their meanings in that book were a lot different than the most common you find on the internet or pretty much anywhere. but regardles.d they still worked for me. besides the two you mention. so i have the same question
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Re: Preventing Mistakes?
Post # 3
One thing with runes in magic is how you use them and what your intention is while focusing your energy into the spell or rune. Thurisaz is one I use frequently for things to do with protection. In general when I am using runes in magic I either use a bindrune (a combination of 3 or more runes) or I just write out what I want in the runes just as I would in English. Rune can add power to spells because of what they are, but they are also just a written language. I keep all of my magic very simple. I don't see why it needs to be elaborate or complex. If there is something that you want I would use Gebo before Naudiz. If you haven't read it I would recommend Gods of the Runes: Divine Shapers of Fate by Frank Joseph.
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Re: Preventing Mistakes?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

So basically just focus on intent? I suppose I should have expected that as it's pretty much the same with the other runes. The bit with gebo is interesting thought, is that because of gebo's literal meaning as a "gift"?

I think in the future I'll just add wunjo to the end of scripts I'm not sure of so that way at least the spell ends well

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Re: Preventing Mistakes?
Post # 5
Yes, that is why I would use it. It is also one of the runes that is enormously positive. Even if you don't get what you want in quite the way you wanted it, you will get it in the way that is most beneficial for you. Although sometimes you will need to learn something first.
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Re: Preventing Mistakes?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Exactly AuraJade ^_^

I'm not really averse to unintended consequences if the overall effect is good. Thank you for your message too, I'm pretty sure my quesiton is answered. Basically I've just had a bad mind set.

I use rune scripts a lot, and I use them because they usually work for me, very well .

Naudiz and thurisaz are the only runes that cost me early on when I just started doing magic. I knew they had double meanings and while casting I let my mind stray to what I didn't want to happen.

I mentioned before that naudiz sent me nearly crazy with want. I didn't mention that I cursed myself sick with thurisaz. It was a HORRIBLE experience. The nasty thing about runes is that sometimes there isn't a perfect way to undo them, and I'm afraid using Isa to stop the affect of naudiz might effects on me to this day. Then again, I didn't use Ingwaz, so the effects should have faded by now, and I've cleansed my aura, grounded it... basically all the normal stuff you do when spiritually out of wack.

It wasn't fun and from then on everytime I might have used the two runes I either tried to find substitutes, or couldn't bring myself to say or write ALU. Mostly because I knew I had gotten distracted and focused potentially on the negative consequences.

They are important runes though and I didn't want to have a good relationship with all but two runes.

Anyway the answers I've gotten, have confrimed what I thought in the first place. That actually makes me very happy, because it shows me that I do know something of magic and have managed to grow over the years

I'll try seeing what I can do to improve, and thanks again for your answers

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