What do i do?

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What do i do?
Post # 1
My dad has already started cutting down a tree in our yard yesterday! Its raining today thankfully, im worried about the tree's spirit, how to i tell it to flee to avoid any future harm???
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Re: What do i do?
Post # 2
While I do know that trees have souls inside, but I also know by watching their auras that they do not feal pain, and a soul cant realy flee while its still bound to a body as with humans the same with plants and trees, in a way what he is doing is seting it free
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Re: What do i do?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That's sweet. Unfortunately you cannot have it flee, but you can use ceremony to help the spirit move on. Spirits of plants and trees are already well aware of their surroundings. They also do not fear death. I'm sure this tree has already lived many years. Being cut down, although sad to see, is probably a far less upsetting death then getting sick and rotting, catching fire, or being slowly eaten away by termites. Nature can be vicious. Trees rarely "die" nicely. I love trees but sometimes they do pop up in very bad places. A squirrel decided to plant walnut trees all along my house and we had to get rid of the saplings before they ruined the entire foundation of our home. We made sure to use the wood though. That is one of the most important things when respecting nature. We cannot go through life without using the Earth, but we can be sure that nothing ever goes to waste that we take. Even the little bits of veggies I cut off when I am preparing a meal, I collect and give to the little hungry critters in my backyard. So I would suggest taking some of the wood and doing something good with it, so that the tree continues to "live" through that. It's also good to be more aware of how you may use or abuse the gifts of other trees. That tree isn't any more special then the trees that made the paper, boxes, decorations, and furniture around your home. Take care to recycle and not waste anything unnecessarily.
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Re: What do i do?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
WhiteRav3n made an excellent observation that honestly I have nothing to add to. What I can tell you is that if you still feel saddened by the loss of the tree, what you can do is go see if you can take a cutting from one of it's branches, and see if you can keep it alive (similiar to what they do with cutting/graphting procedures with fruit trees) and later when it is bigger, replant it somewhere in the forest. You can also take a branch from the tree itself, and turn it into a staff, walking stick, keepsake for your night stand, ect. The tree is already cut down and it will cause no harm to it by taking from it. And in a way, you are honoring it by putting at least some part of it to good use other than firewood. Hope that helps you in some way coping with the loss of your tree. Good luck.

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Re: What do i do?
Post # 5
Once it is cut down, even though it's sad to see it go, you can leave an offering there.. Maybe cookies?.. Haha. Leaving dead or dying trees offerings is more common than you'd think, and seems like a nice gesture even if they can't physically accept them.
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Re: What do i do?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

Perhaps you can use some of the wood to make a wand.

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