Demonic Curiosity?

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Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 1
I'm curious about other people's experiences with demons.
How many of you have met demons you would consider to be good?
I've heard that most demons don't want people knowing their names. Are there any demons that are human friendly and willing to hold a conversation?

I'm trying to explore options to find a non human entity to talk to. If your wondering why I'm not trying angels first it's because I don't feel like it would go well. I'm not worthy/a naturally good person. (don't get me wrong I do try)

I don't plan on just jumping into summoning any demons any time soon. For now I'm just collecting information before I can act.
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 2
Yes you can talk demons and angels for I have spoke to mine before and it's true they don't like you useing there names but I'm not sure for angels when I spoke to my demon I have it a nickname it liked since then I have spoke to it time time again as for angels everyone has a guardian angel I also talk to him a gave him a nickname also which he liked in order to contact it it requires meditation but be warned some demons might not be good you'll have to do research about it i have never met a leathel demon before so I can't help you there but I still feel my guardians presences in me the angel presences is in my heart and the demon's is in my head both have guide through my life I'm sure you could find your guardians to just note my demons presence is know to me be going against god such as drawing pentagrams he was the one that told me to practice magic but to feel a angels presences you have to be with god such as praying and reading the bible but don't feel that your not worthy of speaking to an angel you just have to have means of waking him up hope this helps
~ jared
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The Mystic Grimoire is a good starting place for that kind of stuff.

this is a path. it requires work, dedication, research and practice.

I haven't worked with demons but I have with angels and to great affect. and I always use their names, I honestly cant imagine to do it otherwise.

best of luck and enjoy the work, it can be very rewarding and enjoyable!

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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
There is a lot of differences when are you talking about demons. Some people use terms that have different meanings and beliefs (of course). For example, you can work with the same demons in Goetia but it is not the same way that you work as in demonolatry. Evoking, invoking, etc has a lot of difference and another example is about hierarchy and specialties.

This forum is definitely focused in these terms, but there is many references about demons and each specialty. There is a long way fo those who believe or not in spirits, demons, etc.. Research is your best friend in this case :)
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Demon was originally daemon which was a spirit of neutral standings could be benevolent or malevolent like all interacting beings.

Most "demons" are actually pagan gods "demonized" by other monotheistic religions, namely Judaism and Christianity. Anything that was not their "god" was deemed as "evil" and twisted into something ugly.

I have never met a demon, although I have encountered beings one would call an angel, both the cheerful ones and the scary ones, far more mean ones out there to be honest, not my ideal company.

What I find that most people mistake for demons are nature spirits. Although some nature spirits are wise and majestic, there are many more that are akin to wild animals. Makes sense that a spirit of nature would act "wild" right? So the beings people end up making angry are generally being territorial (again, go figure, nature being carnal) or just plainly predatory.

But many assume that all spirits are human-like and the world revolves around humans, and don't consider that we are only a part of the whole that is Nature. If we look outside of earth, we are an even tinier "part" of the entire universe (Creation). And everything has a spiritual counterpart, whether you believe that counterpart is just "energy", a "force", or "spirit" is up to you.
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 6
my spiritual believes allow me to fallow all religion as one so I've done alott of research into entity's combined with my own life expirecen I would say yeah there are nice demons and angels that will try and kill you just for summoning them and on top of that demons that instead of enjoying hurting the like to help them (in there strange ways) and angels that will tell you there helping you but there not. But these two types are not that commen, and normally only come to someone when there on the wrong path, like a grauden demons if you will
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 7
Now I'm curious about what subjects does one talk about with demons.

As twisted as it is I'm going to keep referring to them as demons until they themselves can prove to me otherwise. (regarding if they are a pagan god) My reasoning behind that is because of my background. I say it's twisted because one of the major taboos in my family's religion is not to deal with other gods. Even though it would seem that dealing with demons is worse but then again it wasn't set in stone.

Besides pagan gods and demons, what about the nature spirits? Are there any that would be able to hold a conversation?
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

White Raven touches upon a very significant point. Goetic beings or demons are outsiders, part of this universe but in a way we don't always understand.

Our concepts of good and evil, if you look at it are quite relative to the society and the times. within the bible St Paul clearly tells slaves to be obedient to their masters and to do their jobs and accept their lot in life. yet today I think the vast majority of people would find that repugnant. just an example.

therefore what you deem good and evil to a goetic being or outsider may have little relevance to that beings personal moral code.

I can tell you this though, respect and manners are quite "universal" it would seem across the cosmos. this is why when I invoke outsiders I do my best to be respectful, yet firm in what it is that I am looking for their help for. a being known to be associated with love or lust work is inappropriate to call upon for success in a career type of job.

Calling upon a being for kicks, or so you can have a friend to talk to or something is not appropriate. you do the work with intention in mind. "Elubatel, I direct you to aid me in this XYZ project." Over time, you develop a kind of relationship. But lets not forget, these are not humans and they don't have the kinds of wants or perceptions of what a "relationship" is that you do. Offerings after their work is manifested is appropriate. One operator I know offers fruit smoothies. Another chocolate and snickers. I do candles and incense.

any operator worth his or her salt would approach invocation and evocation with a complete understanding of what they are doing, why they are doing it and to whom they will be dealing with. the reason why is that at a certain point you leave what you know and step into an unknown and must be prepared for that. there is a moment when you are in touch with that being and you will be crossing over to something very unfamiliar that can be fearful. if that makes any sense.

as far as experience go, it varies from operator to operator. ive only had a visual sensation once, and though it felt very significant at that moment, ive since just come to put a question mark on it.

that being said, working with goetics, angels and outsiders is very rewarding. if you want to see manifestation and spell work that can create significant instances of proof of magic, look no further.

there again though, my experience with these beings is that they wont waste their time with people who will not work for what it is they want. magic follows the path of least resistance. if you do goetic work to land a job, you better be out there applying and following up. where the manifestation comes in is when something that was an uphill battle turns easy. No offers for weeks...then all the sudden people who didn't want to talk to you before are enthusiastic to help you out....when you call...that sort of thing.

but once again you have to study, research, put time and effort not only into what youre doing but the hows and the whys of what your doing. you are in a sense playing with fire and if you don't prepare and act responsibly you will be burned.

Happy Casting!


(edited for clarity)
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 9
are you sure they were angels? They could be another entity in the appearance of an angel, angels are usually benevolent. Spiteful ones and ones who do not radiate loving energy and vibrations will fall, anyways, I always call angels by their names, but never really let demons get so close as to let them communicate. So... I guess I'll never know either.
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Re: Demonic Curiosity?
Post # 10
I have never summoned a daemon, but I have spoken with one during astral projection. I approached it by taking the appearance of a daemon and then dropping my disguise when I got close. He (no gender) was so impressed by my display that he agreed to answer my questions and we have been in contact since. He described daemons as "born of chaos" and they appear to live in a anarchist society where order is maintained through mutual respect of each other. Also, he told me that daemons cannot, or at least find it hugely difficult, to lie or deceive one another, so I suspect that helps as well.

Their philosophy of life seems to be based around gathering experiences and doing whatever you want while accepting the consequences. The offerings they demand as payment for services seem to reflect whatever they desire at that moment. I do not believe these beings are the same daemons from the Abramic religions, He actually preferred the term djinn over daemon since it has a different connotation. I was also told that daemons go to a different afterlife than humans.

Angels are, quite simply, the most benevolent entities I have ever seen. I have never met one that did not love humans and wanted to help us through life. However, they are bound by very strict rules regarding what they can and can not do, even when they want to do otherwise. They have always come when I've called and have only refused to help or answer questions in specific situations that I "had to do/learn for myself", so I've managed to integrate them into most of my household protection spells. From what I've gathered, they appear to be the souls of humans who choose to commit their existance to serving the Universe, and the only "fallen" I've heard of are those who willfully decided to "quit their job" and stop being angels.
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