question on spirit

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question on spirit
Post # 1
hello!!! everything else seems to go spendid, but I have yet to summon a Spirit!! help and tips and recepies needed please. i hsve a ouija board made out of cardboard but haven?t used it properly yet any tips would be welcome
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Re: question on spirit
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Spirits are all around you, you need not summon them. Just look around and say hello. Why not sit in nature and commune with the spirits there? There are plenty, I assure you. If you cannot see them or hear them, summoning isn't going to make that happen. You will still not see or hear them unless you can already.

If you are going to summon, it needs to be for a very good reason, not because your to-do list has yet to be checked under "summon a spirit" otherwise you could make them very angry. How would you like to be dragged out of your house or away from a task you were doing just so a stranger could giggle and say "I did it!"
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Re: question on spirit
Post # 3
They are already there but you won't see them unless you have developed your 2nd sight enough or unless they show themselves to you
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Re: question on spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 4
as WhiteRav3n said, spirits are everywhere. you might want to work on balancing your chakra's, meditation, perhaps even cleansing your home there could be a build up of energy preventing you from sensing them.

regarding the board, while they are not evil, be careful. you might want to make/buy a new board out of wood or something other than cardboard. damaging a Ouija Board causes very negative effects which is why it's not wise to make one out of a flimsy material. [though you can] cleanse, charge, and store the board in a safe place. when you use it, cast a circle, and cleanse the area when finished. [a cleansing bath is a good idea as well]
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