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Please Read!!
Post # 1
Please read this with an open mind.
My friend, has been having a lot of sleep troubles lately. He's lost 10 pounds and is already too skinny to begin with. He's been taken to a whole bunch of sleep studies but they can't figure out whats causing it. He has terrible, terrible nightmares and theres always a shadow guy in them. Only recently in his dreamed the shadow man confirmed that he was the demon azezal. Now this seems kind of far fetched right? But get this, in one of his dreams the demon said he was gonna hurt his girlfriend. The next day her dad is gone for a really long time and she figures out he was in the hospital. This is when I started to believe my friend. He's been tested for schizophrenia but he does not have it. Now this is where it gets really far fetched. The demon told him that there was these people called half bloods.(not like from percy jackson series -.-) but like people who are naturally more like demons and it can not be passed down its random. But because of this azezal wants to break him out of his human shell and wants him to join him. I thought it sounded really far fetched, but when we woke up early I swear I saw a pair of yellow eyes in the tv, and i freaked out and woke up my friend up and we both heard laughter. even my friends dad believes him now cause he's seen it for himself. Ever since then they schedule a day to go visit this some church thing called the international house of church. Now this all seems pretty far fetched but everything I'm typing is the absolute truth. The only reason I'm posting this is because I want to help my friend. Is there anyway to banish azezal?

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 2
international house of prayer**** my bad

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 3
This is far fetched and fake. Azazel doesn't target people like that for no reason. Your "friend" is not a half blood of any sort. And you are not get tormented by Azazel because of your friend. Don't play games like this because I see right through you.

Re: Please Read!!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
If I believed every spirit that ever identified itself, I would be quite honored by all the spiritual "celebrities" of various mythologies. Spirits lie, and a mischievous spirit will never ever tell you their real name because that would give you power over them.

So toss the idea that you know anything about this spirit. Toss the idea that it is anything it has said or shown and that anything it says has even 1% of truth. Accept the fact that you know absolutely nothing about this spirit. And then banish it.

Attempting to get rid of "Azazel the demon" will in fact banish nothing if such a being isn't there. It's a common trick. Let's say I introduce myself as Susan and tell you I am a blue eyed, black haired woman. You tell a police officer that you want Susan the blue eyed, black haired woman to be sent to jail because she (enter random crime). Well guess what? My name isn't Susan, my eyes aren't blue and my hair isn't black. So who will be taken to jail? Not me. I'll still be right here, some innocent woman will be arrested for whatever I did to you. That is essentially what is happening here.

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 5
Banishing unwanted spirits is quite simple. (This applies to both you and your friend) The key is to realize this being has no power over you or your friend except that which you have given it. By believing it is capable of harming you it has gained the power to do just that, but this is incredibly easy to reverse. All you must do is believe in yourself and the power you have over this being, for it has entered your domain and is subject to your will. If beings like this truly posed a threat to us humans, our world would've been overrun long ago. Instead, we have conquered this world and made ourselves the masters of our own lives, and that is the source of our power. Being from Elsewhere that come here are vulnerable to those of us that realize this power, and they fear us far more than we fear them. They trick us into fearing them instead, but it is all lies meant to fool us. I recommend reminding this one of why he should be afraid, and why he was a fool to come and hurt you and those you love.

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 6
Oh come now star singer, while everything you read on the Internet is not always true, things are not always false. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Now beastking, chances are that your deamon is not who he sais he is. It is probably not a deamon at all. It is more likely that this "Azezal" is just a toubled spirit that is posing as a deamon to get a foothold in your friend's melon. If you and he are both Christians then you could schedual an appointment with your respective priest type. If not then a symple placebo spell might work to drive this poltergeist away. After all, a spirit has no power over you if you don't let it.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. :)

Re: Please Read!!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
beastking, the one thing you omit is the age of your friend.
I have just read your profile. It speaks volumes!

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 8
Hes just there to gdt your goat. Duh duhnt duh. I feel like we are in that wednesday commercial with the camel. Do you know what day it is?

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 9
Many spirits lie about their names, even so if this on hurt the person he said he would he's trouble. If your story is a lie, stop reading Now!
If not tell your friend to try to find the demon in meditation or a dream and eat him. Then imagine him burning in a fire in his stomach. If he wants to "change" the spirit he can picture the fire burning away the "shadow glory" around him and filling him with the fires "light", he can fill the fire with good thoughts of love, joy, and peace and make it replace the spirits "glory". If his will is to destroy it, which may have terrible consequences if it is "the" Azezal, he can imagine it burning away into nothing.

Re: Please Read!!
Post # 10
i have a potion that works on all (as far as i know since im the one who made it up) dark entaties now this is quite simple get some rowan bearys holy water and sault now mash up or slice in to small peaces some rowans (these things are excalant wor any protection spell potion, what ever) throw them in the holy water boil it than throw on some sault afther this is done put it in a small container (its extremely powerful so puting all of it in one big conteiner would be wasteful) now blase it with positive enargy than put it some where (you dont drink it its poisonous well the rowans atleast) and it shoud repel what ewer the thing is and anything dark includung negative energies so put some where ever you feel it necasary oryust have that person cary it around with him, make shour that litle kids cant get it cause if they drink it they die (i cant stress it enogh that rowans are poisonous) and if you due use it tell me how it goes i want to test the potions limits, i call the potion the unholy repellant

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