Time of death?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Time of death?

Time of death?
Post # 1
Can the spirit of the dead tell you the actual time of your death?

I'm worried because a long time ago it said I would die 24 years old, and now I'm close to it:)

I generally believe that anybody can change their life and not everything is determined by fate, also I heard that spirits may lie about such stuff. What's your opinion?
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Re: Time of death?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
never come across a spirit who did, but i wouldn't listen if i did meet one as spirits do lie and the spirit you heard this from was probably wanting to scare you or keep your attention because it wanted to talk. most spirits were human and humans will lie or fabricate things, i wouldn't worry.

doomsday theories and death clocks do not scare me, my view on life is many have a destiny, something they need to fulfill, but the path won't be a straight one. each decision alters the path, it might lead to the same place, but your choices will shape the outcome of your life. if you were told you would die at 24, you've already begun on a different path. if you decide to take this warning to better your life, be healthy, work out, you probably won't die at 24. overall, i wouldn't buy too much into it. if you are worried, ask in the fortune telling forums for a reading. someone will probably give you one for free.
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Re: Time of death?
Post # 3
Thank you so much. That was what I was thinking.
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Re: Time of death?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I spirit told me through my aunt's pendulum that I would have three children. That was when I was six years old. I said I would never have children at all even when engaged to my husband at the age of 18. My husband wanted a child, and I felt it was selfish to with hold that. Then after my daughter I said I would never have another. One day, we decided to try again. I'm on my second with a son. And my husband, that originally only wanted one is now bugging me about a third.

When I was pregnant with my son, a spirit told me my baby would be a boy, he would be strong and take after my husband. I didn't know the gender. I laughed about because I thought it was a girl based on the way I was carrying in the beginning. A baby boy was born and he was able to hold up his head the very day he was born. Everyone mentioned how "strong" he was, even the nurses/doctors.

Bottom line, it depends on the spirit and the vehicle that you are told through. I would never ever completely dismiss anything told to me by a spirit. However, I would never let it run my life either. I would say to be very careful during your 24th year and get a full checkup done with a doctor to make sure you're healthy. Don't do anything "risky" or foolish, and begin practicing divination daily. I'm sure it was a "warning" and not something set in stone. Spirits can see "likelihoods" just as those that practice divination can. You can also ask a spirit concerning it or evoke the same one and ask for them to give you more information, like how. That's a really good way to avoid it!
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Re: Time of death?
Post # 5
That's an interesting story.
In my case it was a dead grandparent of my friend and when I tried to contact it for the second time without her,I could not. It told me it would be car crash, so I guess I can not avoid it, but I will be cautious. Thank you.
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