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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Expectations

Post # 1
I've tried Astral Projecting only once and I was close to doing it. During the meditation, my whole body was asleep and my mind was completely awake. I could only feel my hands slowly rise up even though they we stone cold on the bed. My hands felt very cold during the exercise. Is this normal? How does it feel to astral project? Is it...cold?
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Re: Expectations
Post # 2

Sometimes I astral project when I'm sleeping.

I call it "Travelling"

Usually when I return, or am returning, I'm freezing. The feeling of cold is normal to me :)

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Re: Expectations
Post # 3
You feel cold because when you astral project your body disconnects from your mind and if you ever saw something dead then you would know that because their whole body is cold because no blood is running in it.
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Re: Expectations
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
During astral projection, you're pretty much in a sleep state. While you sleep your blood pressure drops and body functions slow down. The deference is that astral projection is like... Conscious sleeping. You're more aware of things, which is how you travel. So yes, it should be normal to feel cold. This is why some recommend wearing blankets or warmer clothing while projecting.

However, your brain does not disconnect from your body. That would kill you. Your consciousness moves from your physical body to your astral body (a body less solid than your physical, but more condensed than your soul). Your blood flow also has to continue. If that stopped, that would also kill you. some people believe that your astral self literally leaves your body. Others believe that astral projection is just lucid dreaming. Either way, your body enters almost a sleep state. This explains the cold feeling.

The cold might affect your projecting negatively. Maybe turn up the heart before projecting. It would take some time to heat up the room. By the time the room is heated, you will have already been projected out of body. That way by the time you return your physical body will be completely comfortable.
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Re: Expectations
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I meant turn up the heat*
sorry about that
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Re: Expectations
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Blankets are your friend, either that or a nice warm sweater. But honestly, if you feel cold, you're not in a deep enough trance yet. Here is a fantastic example of the extent a good trance removes you from your physical senses. My husband once traveled while sitting in the shower with the water beating down on him. At some point during his journey,the hot water ran out and it was winter, so the cold water was COLD. He didn't realize it until after he finished traveling. Then I heard him yell hehehe...
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