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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Divination?

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm interested in learning aboutt divination, and the different types of it. First off I have a vague idea, but don't know exactly what it actually is? I also cant find much on here about it, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
Can anybody tell me more about it?
What are some types/methods?
when is it used?

Any information is appreciated.
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Re: Divination?
Post # 2
Some common forms of divination are tarot, palm reading, and scrying. Divination is used when someone has a question or wants to tell the future.
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Re: Divination?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Divination does not only allow one to gain answers to future related questions but these tools can be used to divine information about the present & past as well, though many do seek future knowledge as that is the true unknown. The fact the future is not set in stone though and every action you take defines it including when you perform or receive information by divination then that means the divined future may not come true. I consider divining the future as seeing a potential future but I myself do not practice divination and not everyone posseses the same level of skill in the subject so of course some readings would be more accurate than others. There are many forms of divination which include those mentioned above, divination through runes, the interpreting of tea leaves, and older yet still practiced forms such as reading bones. There are probably as many forms of divination as there are cultures in the world if not more.
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Re: Divination?
Post # 4
I think you can start with tarots... I started with tarots!
AS in, I printed and cut my tarots, started with my best friend, she found me accurate, then I tried on my dad, he had two questions...

Later on I made a thread here and I am glad I could be of some help

You can do it this way

Or you can bring a pendulum and start with it...
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