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help me
Post # 1
hello everyone im still new in here but i have one thing i want to ask

I was in the room when I felt the cold, not so warm
like I was not invited
but when I was in my brother's room when entering the door
the room was warm and you will instantly feel like the room
accept you , it just im feel
it happened to you in your home too?
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Re: help me
Post # 2
lots of things can cause cold spots or temp shifts so I wouldn't rush to a supernatural cause right off
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Re: help me
Post # 3
i know it but when the temperature in my country alwayz hot and we not use AC

maybe just my imagination
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Re: help me
Post # 4
there is a dellecate point on the body that with the slightest touch can make you shiver
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Re: help me
By: / Novice
Post # 5
If there is no mundane reasons for this, what you described sounds exactly like being passed by a spirit (or ghost but most don't like being called by that). I wouldn't say that the spirit wouldn't want you there, but that seems to be the general feel of one passing through or by you. If you experience it a lot or if other things are happening that seem very threating than I wouldn't worry apon it too much. If it bothers you a lot, just put protection around you or your house and as you do, imagine all negativity leaving you, your house, and loved ones alone.

warning, do not try and banish the spirit itself because (even though possible) it could piss the spirit off if done wrong.
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Re: help me
Post # 6
yes i fell this not only once but so much

I try to sow the salt that time around my bed
after I sowed salt I can sleep in peace and not have nightmares

i have one experience like this one
when i wake up i can move my body and my head hurt I tried to hold my head but I feel there are people who hold the head after he
holding my head, i feel a lot better and i can move my head

I also have experience like this

i see my brother when she sleep i imagine
to have a brother who could look after me and keep me company
after bedtime imagine that i slept when i wake up i see like a child body
his color is all black but he sleep beside me and i not suprised
it's like he's with me i also feel warm

if anyone have the same experience like me or it just my imagination
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Re: help me
Post # 7
ok got it sounds like a low grade haunting

with that said you have options none really safe either.

you could banish it but if you try and fail it gets angrier and stronger.
or you could contact it but this leaves you open to possession or further haunting!
contact a priest or spiritualist before you act on your own
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Re: help me
Post # 8
I have a father who liked to regard the spiritual
he has a lot of spirit, if I did banish
but some may be mad at me

I do not like to make trouble
I better be quiet and not disturb them

when I had nightmares
I said in my bed room
I stayed with him and ask permission to sleep
it's really effective and I can sleep in peace

The second experience that only happens once and it did not frighten
if it's just low grade hunting i dont need to banish it

and another one I used to dream
dreams that always happen in the future
and I want to know where the dream
i Realized this when im 12 old

thanks for the reply
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Re: help me
Post # 9
if its a haunting you can sage your house if its low grade like the person above saying a prayer of your faith (i.e. if you're a follower of Jesus recite the our father who art in heaven prayer) open windows and tell it to leave its your house and they are not welcome there anymore then place salt in every corner if it gets worse contact a priest or a spiritualist.
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