Possession Questions

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Possession Questions
Post # 1
(Also, I'm sorry if this is on the wrong topic, I'm kinda new here, created the account and was inactive for a while)
I have a few questions. First: Can something besides a demon possess someone? Also, what exactly happens when you're possessed? (Like, does the demon or whatever have complete control over your actions, and you have to sit there and watch, or do they just influence you to do something, or do they just follow you around and attack you instead of controlling you or something else?) Third: If it is possible, how do you possess someone? And finally, how do you prevent yourself from being possessed?
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Re: Possession Questions
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

There is a general consensus that other spiritual entities such as ghosts can possess a person. Normally when one thinks of possession it implies the foreign being has complete control of your body, though a lesser form of possession where more influencing of ones actions rather than controlling them seems plausible as there are historical accounts of people claiming they were compelled to do something but had control of their body (hearing voices type of situation). I have also heard people claim they have spiritual beings such as a demon within them but have control of their actions yet this can't be proven factual. Possessing another person yourself would require your soul to leave your body resulting in death or at the very least brain damage as far as I'm aware assuming this could be achieved without inducing ones on death in order to expel their spirit. Items such as a sacred object if you believe in a religion or a item charged with a protection spell is believed to be able to prevent possession. If youre aware that an entity wishes to possess you there are methods for banishing them, as well as protection spells that could protect one from possession.

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Re: Possession Questions
Post # 3
they can if u let them i guess.. my best friend got possessed once by spirit that follows her around for some time.. she was scared about something and one kind of more dangerous spirit was around and that spirit that follows her entered circle cus she called him and he possessed her but she said he didnt fully.. not sure what she meant.. she just heard herself say "everything will be ok" and got back to herself.. she couldnt explain feeling tho so i dont know.. she said he took control of her upper body only and just said that and left..
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