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A Starting point...
Post # 1
Im just starting out with witchcraft,and i was wondering if there was a place that I should start? I know about how important meditation and the basics are, but im looking for a subject to start out with such as astral projection or necromancy (just as an example, as I know these are things for experienced witches).
Also, If anyone would be interested in becoming my mentor or just an instructor, please me :)

Thanks and Blessed Be!
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Re: A Starting point...
Post # 2

Your starting point should be largely dictated by what interests you. Learning about differnt paths or aspects of the craft is a good way to start in my opinion. I will assit you in any way I can.

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Re: A Starting point...
Post # 3
First question the motivation behind learning witchcraft. It's not an easy thing to answer, and it's really hard to be honest to yourself. The key is to keep on questioning yourself. It's pretty easy, it's either selfish or selfless. There's a thin line, one can easily look like the other. I am not trying to be rude, just serious.
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Re: A Starting point...
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Some believe, possibly because they have no negative consequences connected to them, protection based magick(s) is a good beginner type magick to learn. Protection magick is useful when combined with other more difficult types of magick you might perform (summong for example which requires a good deal of experience) but can also be combined with learning the basics such as energy manipulation & visualization in relation to forming a protective barrier around yourself.
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Re: A Starting point...
Post # 5
Ok, first off do not attempt necromancy until you get a lot of magick and energy manipulation experience under your title of being a pagan or witch or what ever you call yourself. Messing around with spirits and demons are dangerous and it will come at a price... Many of them want you to bring them over from the other side or they will feed off of your energy.

Try simpler spells like weather spells or beginner ones to build your knowledge and power.
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Re: A Starting point...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
I have just read your profile. There is nothing on it!
Unless other members know what your interests are, they cannot really be of much help.
You say that you know how important is meditation? But do you "practise" it? Meditation is the MOST important! It will give you much more confidence in your own abilities. Everything, really, follows from meditation.
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