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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Precautions

Post # 1
Because I am aware there are possible dangers in Astral projection such as possession by a spirit. My question is what precautions do I take before projecting how could I keep these spirits out, that is if there is a way. Thank you.
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Re: Precautions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Having acknowledged the potential dangers can make it harder to astral project being that fear grows and can hold you back from succeeding. But that doesn't mean ignorance of the dangers is bliss. So first off, don't let the dangers grip you with fear and hinder you from astral projection.
As for protection you can do a protection spell, ward, and/or shield. You can also use some crystals as a means to protect you. (If you choose this route this is a good way to study crystal and stone properties to learn about them as you find one to use for protection). You could also enchant an object, such as a pendant, ring, etc, ti protect you from harm as you astrally travel.
Being a believer in Norse religion - Heathenism - as you say, you can do a Hammer Hallowing, invoke runes for protection, draw runes or bindrunes on your body for protection, wear protection talismans of bindrunes/runes/mjolnir. Or you could invoke a deity and ask for protection as you project.
Either way you go there are many ways in which you can protect your self.
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Re: Precautions
Post # 3
Thank you for your help, at the time I did not know the proper name of Heathenism but obviously now I do but anyhow thank you for your help.
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Re: Precautions
Post # 4

When I journey to the spirit world (a way of putting astral projection or vice versa) I do a very odd thing I've rarely heard of before.

I separate on more levels than simply the physical and the astral. I go through at least a secondary change before I go on about my journeying. When I do this, I separate myself from the first spiritual body I experience, and leave that body behind to watch over my physical body.

I do not do so out of fear of possession, simply because I disbelieve in the thought that a spirit can possess me. I'm not saying they can't possess other people, because I'm pretty sure they can based on what trusted people have told me. I simply think that for me, I'm an odd puzzle, and to find a piece that fits me enough to take a goodly amount of control of my body, is a rarity. I've done channeling in the past, however in order to do so, I have to spend large amounts of time attuning myself to the particular being at hand. I cannot seem to easily channel Anyone, and when I do, it is to a lesser level when I am already in an altered state of consciousness.

This is all just me and my experiences however. :)

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