My Ritual Experiences

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My Ritual Experiences
Post # 1
I have had some interesting experiences with something known as deity shadowing. It is a form of deity channeling in which the deity's presence is with you and guides you through the ritual. I was unaware that this even existed until I discussed it with a friend here on the site.

My first experience with this occurred during a healing ritual. I felt the presence of my deity come through me, almost as if we were sharing a body and she was using me to direct the flow of the energy. My body felt calm, yet it was vibrating with energy. Even after grounding several times, I still felt this energy lingering for a few hours after. I have had several other experiences like this since then, and I absolutely love it. I feel it really brings me closer to my deity and it shows me that she cares about me as just as much as I care for her.

All that being said, I felt that I needed to share my most recent ritual experience with everyone. A short while ago, I did a ritual for my Goddess, Bastest. It was an offering ritual (I wanted to thank her for being part of my life and helping me and my family throughout our lives). During the ritual, I felt the urge to meditate as if she were telling me to so so. I laid down on the floor and allowed myself to drift off into a meditative state. Shortly after doing so, I found myself at the base of a large stone building that I assume was a temple of some kind. I ascended the stairs and I found Bast waiting for me just inside the doorway. In her hands she held a pink lotus flower. She handed the flower to me and gave me a slight nod as if to say, you know what to do with it.

I returned to my normal state and was slightly confused with the message she had given me. I'd never worked with lotus flowers before nor did I have any idea what one might mean. I looked it up and found out some interesting things.

The lotus (in regards to magical associations) is associated with love, protection, spiritual growth, and psychic awareness.

In ancient Egypt it represented/was associated with rebirth, death, and the sun. The pink lotus represents our state of mind. A closed pink lotus represents transcending to a path of spirituality. An open lotus flower represents enlightenment.

I believe that she was telling me that I am growing on my path and have a better understanding of not only myself and magic but of working with her and the Kemtic faith as well.

I feel that I have truly grown in my years of working with her and I truly love and respect her. She has done so much for me and my family and words can't express the bond that I share with her. It is something truly amazing.

I know some of you might find this hard to believe, but I felt I really needed to share this with everyone.

My question is, has anyone else had an experience like this before with their deity?

Sources for Lotus Meanings:
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Re: My Ritual Experiences
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The process you are describing is a part of what is known as the Assumption of the God-form. I think your interpertation of your experience with Bast may be a bit off. It sounds more like she is giving you something you need rather than recognizing work you have already accomplished. Just some advice.


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Re: My Ritual Experiences
Post # 3

I have experienced this in similiar cases but different.

When I work with people who need healing or guiadance I often try to communicate with there favored God or Goddess or entity if possible. I find that doing this helps extremely. Well this is going off a little.

I have not personally worked with any Gods. But the first time I did have a experience was with Thoth. I saw him with a Papryus scroll And he told me to watch the moons I saw three moons one in the west one right above me and the Other was east. As I looked they each were very different. The one on the west was a cresent the next one above me was a blod moon and the one after that was a regular full moon Mind you this was about five years ago. But the experience has stuck with me. I find many dieties helpful. And I love contacting them for guidance under meditation. And i am glad I am not the only one who goes through similiar experiences.

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Re: My Ritual Experiences
Post # 4
Tiredofgags, I feel you may be partially right in what you say (as far as her message to me goes). I have been questioning myself since I have been studying Kemeticism, as there has been a fear in the back of my mind that I was incorrectly invoking/making offerings to Bast up to that point. I have come across several rituals for her that I feel I should perform for her, and I think that this message may be her way of telling me that everything is alright and that I am on the right path.
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Re: My Ritual Experiences
Post # 5
I'm really happy that you guys had this experiences. It sounds like something really amazing.

Just something else to think about, you can't make assumptions about what someone elses deity experiences mean. Their connection to their deity is unique and personal. You can make assumptions about what you think the message is but only the person that works with that deity can really draw that conclusion for themselves. They are the only ones that know where they are at in their lives, their path, and so on. What the message means to you is not what it necessarily means for the person that received the message.
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Re: My Ritual Experiences
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I personally loved reading about you experience on your path .Thank you for sharing it .I believe that you know the best what it meant to you and what your matron goddess tried to convey in her message .
I think more people should gain courage and share their experiences, here .Yes,it does take courage to share something so personal as your personal relationship with deity .
From what I experienced working with entities they have enigmatic way to express themselves ,using symbols and they do tend to simply nod ,this is their way to show their trust in you being able to get the message .
Most people think when you work with Deity or Spiritual Being of any kind they simply give you all answers and skill they have to you just on silver plateau .This is not the case they trust us to think ,stand on our own two feet and get to understand the riddle they presented to us as challenge for ourselves .They tend to push you to work and relate things .It can be hard to get the meanings , but is worth it and it is a blessing .
You are doing great Loni ,I am very thrilled and happy for you .
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Re: My Ritual Experiences
Post # 7
Thank you Arty. I really appreciate your input on this. :)
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Re: My Ritual Experiences
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

I think that you can best interpret what your deity is saying to you, no one else. You are the one with the connection to her. That being said I think this was a truly amazing experience for you and I am very happy for you. I think you are doing great, and I am glad you decided to share this with everyone :)

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