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My "Wall"
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I was browsing through Facebook this afternoon when I found this Happy Wall picture (which I linked below) and I found it to be a very interesting concept. Basically, the idea is to find a section of your wall and dedicate it to this concept, get a package of sticky notes, and use them to record each time you do something positive, achieve a goal, or do something that makes you happy. If you want to get creative (and organized) you could color-code the sticky notes, use different sizes, or decorate the wall. Eventually, youll end up with quite a large wall of sticky notes, and whenever you need that extra push to motivate you or just need some positive encouragement in tough times, all you need to do is browse through your Happy Wall.

Now, by using the same concept, you could create a Magick Wall which would contain your achievements, desires, wishes, etc, that relate to magick. You could jot down when you meditate, preform spells/rituals, learn something new, do a religious ceremony, etc. Then, whenever you just need that extra bit of motivation to do your magick work, or need a fresh idea, just browse through the wall.

Another possibility would be to make a wall dedicated to the deities you recognize. You could decorate it according to their themes and then post sticky notes on why you are grateful, how theyve aided you, thanking them, rituals or honorings you did for them, etc. This might be useful for those of us who are looking for a way to bring divinity more into our daily lives.

I wont give to many suggestions, as I would love for everyone to experiment on their own, but this concept could also be used almost as a constant spell. For example, you could make a wall thats all about you. You could decorate it with your personal items, a picture of you, and just make it your own. Then, you could put sticky notes on the wall to influence your body and personality. Now you cant just post Become a vampire or something such as that, but you could post Eat healthier, Handle problems appropriately, Have the energy to power through my work day; almost like New Years Resolutions. Now, to give the spell its power, you could burn a couple candles (perhaps a tea light for each note) or visualize the outcome for each note. Taking the example eat healthier from above, you could visualize yourself turning down cupcakes, in favor of a filling salad.

As you can see, there are many applications that this Wall can have, both mundane and otherwise. However, as I know many of you are in the broom closet or prefer not to publically advertise this aspect of your life, the best solution I can think of is to get a poster-board or a large piece of cardboard and then use that as your Wall. It also would allow you to customize it more, as many people would not be willing to draw or paint on their walls. I hope this idea can be of use to some people, if you make a wall I would be overjoyed to see a picture of your work. Take care, and blessed be.

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