How to remove black magic

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How to remove black magic
Post # 1

Good day. I'm not sure what to do. I used to work for a woman a spiritual reader. While I was working for her to pay for a spiritual bath An indent occurred where I was fired from the work and the spiritual bath preparations was cancelled. I was being harassed by some spirits a day I visited after in order to see if I could but the results was fruitless as a man told me he the spirit was one he had a run in with before. The woman told me to leave after getting angry for no reason and I think she place a hex on me. As I had a dream where she visited me and told me she wanted to leave me in a spiritual prison with no help from anyone and cursed my entire future to be very desolate and unfortunate. I would like to be able to have back my proper self without any of her curse or whoever curses on me. Is there some kind or remedy I can use to stop this something powerful and a good protection spell. I think something is blocking me.
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Re: How to remove black magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You're from the Carribean and I'm unfamiliar with the magick there. It's hard to break something when you don't know the nature of the way it was cast. If I don't know how something is done, I sense it off the person. But online makes it difficult.

It isn't black and white. There is no cure all to curses.

I would suggest going to a healer in your area. They would have a better idea.

I'm sorry I can't help, but honestly no one online can help you. You have no experience in magick and have a very experienced magick practioner as an enemy. You need an equally experienced magick practioner in person with you to fix this.
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Re: How to remove black magic
Post # 3
True, I think the nature or how it works was a cross between the dream state, spiritual and somehow physical plane, as I was in a cross state of the spiritual and physical, like actually feeling pain, in a dreamlike reality state. If that at all makes sense.
What really is bothering me, as I tried to smudge out my inner self and my space. It did work a little, but i feel as thou somehow my own practice is being stop. Is there a solution to undo my practice from being stop in order to help me?
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Re: How to remove black magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
You could try to simply have whatever she has done to you go right back on her. Also I would suggest you do a protection spell for you and those you think are effected.
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Re: How to remove black magic
Post # 5
very useful, thanks for sharing,,
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Re: How to remove black magic
Post # 6
I saw in my mothers book something about reversing spell hope it will work.
At 9 am create a fire.
Then sprinkle a salt into it.
While focusing your energy to the salt and to the chant.
While chanting."salt, salt, salt I put you into the fire and may the person who are bewitched me neither sleep, eat nor drink until the spell is broken. That's for three time
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