Tingling In Hands

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Tingling In Hands

Tingling In Hands
Post # 1
I did a spell and now my hands are tingling..this has only ever happened once before but not when i was doing a spell. I am afraid I did not do it correctly.
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Re: Tingling In Hands
Post # 2

Have you done much energy work? It sounds as if you are still retaining some excess energy in your palm chakras. My hands and feet tingle a bit when I'm grounding myself, but they subside shortly thereafter when I'm done with the visualization.

You should visualize a grounding and see the energy flowing through your crown chakra and down through the rest of your body and back into the Earth. This should let any excess energy flow from your body and normalize again

If that doesn't fix the problem and your palms are still tingling, then you might have some chakras out of alignment. There are several in each hand. I suggest you find a diagram of them and visualize them as pyramids/triangles pointing to your heart chakra. The Heart Chakra is at the center, and those above, below, and to the sides should all be pointing to it. So you might have one to many in your palms that are pointing in the wrong direction, keeping the energy pooling and not moving back to your center.

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Re: Tingling In Hands
By: / Novice
Post # 3
It sounds like you are starting to develop awareness in your hands. Usually when people first start to become aware of energy they experience tingling or sensations of warmth. The hands, being our primary kinesthetic sensory device, often feel it first and longest.

There is nothing to be concerned about. Do some deep, slow breathing. Make sure that you are holding the tip of your tongue against the roof of the mouth. That's very important. Imagine the excess energy flowing out of you. Allow it to go back to where ever it is supposed to go.

Sounds like you are doing things right. Keep going.


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Re: Tingling In Hands
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I don't think it's magick/energy related with me as it happens so often but I tend to feel a tingling sensation in my hands and soles of my feet from time to time. Getting to the point in your situation it likely means the opposite of what your thinking. When people direct/manipulate energy they often feel a tingling sensation so it isn't a sign the spell didn't work but as mentioned probably leftover energy from the spell. This feeling can be felt whenever your working with energy besides just spell casting.
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Re: Tingling In Hands
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
If you don't ground properly you will have left over energy and that can and will cause the tingling.
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