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Meditation Help
Post # 1
Hey, im new to this and im trying to meditate before i cast a spell.But it is not working im having trouble with it and it seems i cant clear my mind. I have attempted 3 diffrent times but it dosnt seem to work i also have read 5 articles on meditation. So i am looking for advice on how to do it.
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Re: Meditation Help
Post # 2

There are different ways to meditate. It just takes time and practice to meditate. You need to be patient and just keep working at it. Also do not cast any spells until you know your basics and no what you are doing. Here are some excerise links that i found that could be helpful to you.

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Re: Meditation Help
Post # 3
thanks for e advice
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Re: Meditation Help
Post # 4
I go on youtube and do the guided meditation it seems easer to me because I cant focus in till I here some thing
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Re: Meditation Help
By: / Novice
Post # 5
If you want to a good way to meditate that is very compatable with magical practices, I sugggest Silva Life System ( If you search you can find one of the older versions such as Silva Ultramind ESP or Silva Method of Mind Control. Same system, different marketing. It was teh first meditation system I ever used, and I still use it today.


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Re: Meditation Help
Post # 6
This question has been asked before :

There are many wonderful answers for the same question in this thread, all of them are great. Some present analogies about the human mind (brain) and the process of emptying it, and some of them offer and present several forms of meditation to overcome this problem ( do something with the problem of clearing the mind) by practicing. Listen very well to Webstar and Othala, their posts definitely give you a great explanation and solution for your little problem of meditation.

My addition to this is not to try too hard to do what you call "clearing you mind", just take it easy and relax as much as you can and it will most definitely come naturally. Meditation should be a very released and relaxed process, trying intensely to get to the state of a clear mind won't help it at all. As you relax yourself and take everything easily, you will get all you need from meditation including the state of a clear mind. That is the general idea of meditation.

Additionally, there are plenty of meditation techniques and if this specific method you're attempting to use doesn't work for you, the easiest thing you can do is to look for a technique which is best for you out of those myriads of methods.
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