Animal Emotions

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Animal Emotions
Post # 1
This is my opinions on animal emotions: They have them. Thats obvious enough. But we, on occasion, trivialize their emotions when in actuallity they are just as complex as ours. I expierenced this just ten minutes ago. We got a new dog a few months ago, and we already had a dog. The dog we already had started getting jealous. you could see it in her face and just plain out sense it all around her. My family just thought gracie, the dog we already had, was just upset that she didn't have as much food to eat. but you could tell that wasn't true
So, I guess the whole point of this rant is to share my opinion that when you go on your path of the Craft and magick, not only try to help yourself and other human beings, but help the creatures that the Divine (Divine used loosely to fit all religions) put on this earth! They help us and we should help them, its the give and take of life
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Re: Animal Emotions
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Good point. We no longer have a dog and my family pretty much thought I wasn't an animal person I'm guessing, but whenever I had the house to myself I talked to him pretty much like a human revealing things I couldn't or felt I shouldn't tell my family such as things regarding magick and just evey day occurances. I'd had him since I was little (tried a bit of energy channeling to boost his energy a few times in his old age once or twice) and knew he understood more than people would assume. We shouldn't take any creature for granted as they all have a role to play just as humans do.
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