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Post # 1
Hello there, I've always had a great interest in spirituality and magic nearly all my life.. Have never practised any magic before myself...met a few cons along the way though..

At the moment I'm at a low in my life. I was searching for answers on the net to my problems... I am in love with this man i was seeing for past 11 months..we made each other very happy..except for recently when we broke up.. I am so heart broken words cannot explain. He was the love of my life, I can't stop thinking of him. I know he still loves me.

What broke us up was my insecurities and listening to his 'mate' .. Who I have now realised broke us up on purpose by telling me lies about my boyfriend which I believed :-( he said my boyfriend had been cheating on me, I confronted my boyfriend who swore that he never.. But we broke up anyway. I realise that it was all lies because his work mate has now told me that he likes me and wants to sleep with me... I feel disgusted.

I have been a fool and now my ex boyfriend doesn't want to be with me anymore. In fact I think he has already got a new girlfriend we broke up in jan this year

I feel like I just can't carry on. I'm desperate to get him back, I love him so much,. And he does still love me I know it I can feel it when we talk, he is so angry at me that I listened this so called mate who he has to work with. I've tried everything to get over him, even went away for week to clear my head. But I realise that he is the one for me. He is my true love.

I have now realised that his so called mate was jealous of my boyfriend and our relationship as he now is all smug and happy that me and my boyfriend have broken up.

I feel so hurt that he has succeeded in his dirty little plan. And I do plan to get revenge on him for doing this. For causing all this hurt to me.

I am looking at the spell on this site but am so confused which is the most powerful.

I want my love and also want to curse his work 'mate' as much hurt as he has caused me.

Please help me, I can't sleep, can't stop thinking of my boyfriend all the time... I just feel like I want to die .....

Sorry if I have carried on, but I don't know what else I can do...
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Re: Hello
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Alright, well I would greatly recommend doing neither if those as the x3 rule applies to all doings, but I can recommend you tell him how you feel, and that may help...
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Re: Hello
Post # 3
Curses are not recommended.Maybe if you tell him everything,matters can mend.Krypto is right!Tell him your feelings!
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Re: Hello
Post # 4
Oh and welcome to this site safia!I wish you luck!May you and him unite as soon as possible. Blessed be!
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Re: Hello
Post # 5
Thanks for your replies.. But talking to him is not working.. I've already tried. He has started seeing someone else and believes his workmate, when he is telling lies to him about me also...:-(

His workmate text me telling me that I've lost and that he's won.. He is a nasty piece of work.
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Re: Hello
Post # 6
Oh i feel sorry for you.Maybe you may try a banishing spell on the workmate.Try to get some evidence.
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Re: Hello
Post # 7
Hi can someone please help me...

I am desparate. My ex boyfriend will not even talk to me, I rang him today and his new girlfriend was with him.

Can someone please help me get him back. I have read about the 3 fold and I am willing to take the risk.

I do not want to risk doing the spells wrong though myself.
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