how to tell parents

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how to tell parents
Post # 1
so I've been practicing since 2011. I fell like im ready to tell my family that this is what i believe. the problem is my dads side is really religious and i don't know how they would react if i said "OH hey uncle so btw im wiccan" so what do you think? i'm thinking of telling my mom tonight just use two and then if shes ok with it moving on to my dad and sibling in only 15 so i don't know if that's the smart think to do but i don't like lying what did other people do to tell there family
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Re: how to tell parents
Post # 2
hi well i posting this because no one responded.. i never had to do it, as my parents were open minded but my grand parents are very religious.

what advice i can give you is try to work it in and don't just drop it on her, also search the forums, I'm sure someone asked the same question
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Re: how to tell parents
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well since you're 15, you kind of have to tell your parent or guardian because they are responsible for you and are looking out for you. once you turn 18 [or whatever the age of consent is for your country] then you can do whatever and they have no say. until that time though, they need to know.

don't drop it on them and start an argument, won't end well. gather information, books, pamphlets, easiest would be print off some pages online and highlight the important points. then sit them down, ask them to hear you out completely before responding, then calmly explain to them what you believe. explain what your beliefs are, why you've converted, why you feel it's right for you and all you want is for them to support you. you haven't changed, the stigma and things you've heard/seen in movies are not true.

if they say yes, good for you, you can continue on. if they say no however, you have to respect their wishes, and stop practicing. if you're meant to be on this path, you can return when you're 18. until that time however, you can still study things like herbalism, history, mythology, crystals, yoga, meditation and a bunch of other things that on the surface don't seem like paganism, but do connect with the religion. spell casting is not why one should join a pagan faith, there's a lot of study from a lot of paths.
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Re: how to tell parents
Post # 4
My parents just lost their tempers when I told them I was a Wiccan and I don't know how to tell them again that I mean it.
They blame it on my school, which doesn't even teach about Wicca and is completely and utterly Christian and thinks Wicca is a Satanist cult.
How do I tell them in a way they won't explode?
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Re: how to tell parents
Post # 5
All I can tell you is goodluck. If they do freak out on you or something, then whatever. I personally wouldn't stop practicing because they don't approve, follow what your heart desires.
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Re: how to tell parents
Post # 6
Oh whatever its not like your family will hate you, blood is thicker than water
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