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Name: Exloremaster
Birthday: Oct 8 1996
Location: Malta
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Oct 2013

Membership: Member

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Hi my name is Giuseppe, I live in Malta I've been training magick for little less than a year but I've been learning about it for much more. I have brown eyes and black-brown hair. I'm a 100 years old.... weeeeeeeell a 100-84(If you hate math that's 16 ;) ). so just to make it clear i am 16 years old that's one and a six.

A Important ting to know about me is that I believe that all old myths have a grain of truth so don't come telling me this or that doesn't exist because that's what most people say that about magic!!

if you like numerology my destiny number is 7 :)

I really really like reading and my favorite books are the "A song of ice and fire series"

I also hate people my age because I find them sallow, stupid and most

of all total idiots (well the ones that I know anyway)


the girl you just called fat/ shes overdosing on diet pills. the girl you called ugly/she spends hours trying to put on makeup hoping people will like her. the boy you just tripped/he gets abused enough at home. the boy you just made fun of for crying/ his mother is dieing in the hospital. if you are against bullying repost this 95% of people dont so the 5% of you that will please do

if you saw justin bieber about to fall off a 100 story building 95% of you would be like OMG NO JUSTIN DONT and the other 5 would get a chair popcorn and a drink and be like do it already/ repost this if you are the 5% im part of it :D


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