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Tarot Cards
Post # 1
Bought my first new set of Tarot cards. Anyone knows a good blessings and consecration rituals?
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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 2
merry meet present them to the GODDESS on the fullmoon ask her to bless them and help guide you and others etc with them and bright blessings
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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 3
Many sleep one night with the tarot deck under their pillow,which is believed to charge the tarot card.Another believe is that you must not let others handle or touch the deck which makes the deck useless.You can also leave it one night under the light of the moon which will charge the deck.You must keep the deck safe and so make one bag or box and keep it there when not in use.You must dedicate yourself to the deck and meditate on it,feel it and know its meaning.Thats all i can tell fr nw.Hope that ws helpfull.
Blessed be.
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Re: Tarot Cards
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I would suggest meditating with them. I also have never had an issue with others touching mine, so long as you are careful who you allow to handle it. I regard mine as an 'Honoured' gift. Kinda like saying its holy, and keep them on my alter. Keeping them safe is a must. Respect the deck and it will be helpful, disrespect it and it has no reason to help. This I do believe. Before using them I talk to them (this does not need to be done out loud) as if they have a consciousness of there own. Explain to them what is going on, what I hope to gain from my questions, what my questions are, why I am asking them. I would say this may help you to put your energy into the deck. I have found this gives me the best effect, and answer to my questions. After doing the reading I also thank them.

Many people treat there deck almost like an entity. I would say I am certainly one of those. It is rare I will do a reading without lighting incense. I also prefer to have a quite atmosphere. Much of this is personal preference, but it gives you an idea of things that can help you in discovering tarot. You will find the more you practice the better you get. Hope this has helped :)
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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 5
Thank you all for the advise.
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