byBirth Diamond in circle

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byBirth Diamond in circle
Post # 1
I need some help for understanding a symbol. Now I know plenty about this symbol already but what if someone is born with the symbol on their arm? Its small, not too obvious, pops out a little so it's not something like a faded scar, and blends with the skin.It wasn't necessarily their since birth, but it was noticed after childhood and has been there a while. There seems to be a lot of symbolism around this person that relates to this symbol and I can't really tell but the tip of the top of the diamond seems it may be made of another diamond. I have some of my own theories, but it's a lot to type so here are some sources and if you know anything or have theories post it on this thread or notify me.
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Re: byBirth Diamond in circle
Post # 2
I can't find anything, and you aren't the on;y one with questions about this. I have a diamond in the middle of a trident, i can just see the blue of the veins under the skin of my right wrist. If you can find any other places to look that would have the meaning, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: byBirth Diamond in circle
Post # 3
Well every know and then a temporary mark of the same symbol appears after a strange feeling in that area. One of my theories is that all these people are connected for a higher purpose and in one of the sources the symbol points directly to god and this could relate to a higher purpose on the 21st because not just Mayans, but all cultures and many science theories point to this date one way or another. Also the symbol was not in higher question until recently and also first time in my life I fear death. I have had many near death experiences and had never feared death but for no reason I fear it now.
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