New boyfriend!!!???

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Forums -> General Info -> New boyfriend!!!???

New boyfriend!!!???
Post # 1
Ok so last year I dated this guy of my dreams that I really liked. A month later though He broke up with me because I wasen't Hanging out with him as much. I got angrey until a few days ago he talked to me since I "Bumped" Into him. Now all of asudden I seem to really like him. I'm having flash backs of when he used to lean on me.(P.S He was in all of my classes and sitting next to me since our last name started with the same letter). I also have flashbacks of my dreams where we were in trouble and he saved me(They were werid).But one of the things I remember most is when we got into big troble and we got detention togather.

But to the point is that it feels like my mind is messing with me cause 5 senconds ago he is my hated EX and now he is my lover.Could there be something messing with me?
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Re: New boyfriend!!!???
By: / Novice
Post # 2
memory. a quote i really like which sums up everyone [lover or friend] i have ever lost in my life is 'i don't miss you, i miss the memory of who you were and what we had.' memory is a funny thing, you mind will lock away things in special places, so we never forget, or so we never relive them. you might of hated him for not holding the door open that one time, but seeing him again has reminded you of every time he'd buy you a drink just 'cause.

he broke up with you, you had no real say in the decision, so you had to get rid of all your feeling for him. don't know how much time has past, but seeing him again, and him being nice, has brought those buried emotions back to the surface. you need to come to terms with them is all. nothing is ever black and white. i like to think of the people in the past who have wronged me as evil jerks who never liked me, but i know that's not true.

you should try and see if you still love him, or the memory. meditate, go for a walk, make a list, whatever. you could try with a friend so you don't sit there and list only the good or only the bad. you could also try skrying to see if he still has feeling for you. just don't rush into it, try to really ask yourself if getting back with him is worth it? if he says no, do i want to go through the heartache and hatred? or do i want to move on and see if there's something better out their?
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