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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Spirits.

Post # 1
So far through out my life I have encountered strange situations with the unknown. These spirits always seem to pop up randomly. I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to what they may want, and how I can communicate with them. I have a few examples of my experiences.

When I was four I remember waking up at around 2-3am, I saw a black figure in the hallway looking at some family pictures that were on the walls; I was so frightened I couldn't move/look away from it. The figure must have noticed me as it walked towards my doorway, but stopped at the entrance. It stood there for a few seconds then walked away, I never saw it again.

When I was seven we moved into this town house in a small town in Oregon (We only lived there for a year, and decided to move back to Washington) One night while I was sleeping, I woke up to whispering, it couldn't have been anyone in the house since they were asleep, and the windows were closed. What made even stranger was that it was in a language I have never heard before, looking back it seemed almost Arabic, but for one instant they spoke English "Do you think he knows why?"

When I was fourteen I was about to go to sleep, when I turned off the light and got into bed I noticed a shadow cast upon the wall, it looked like it was perched on my bed. The blinds were closed, it was completely silent. All it did was just stare me down, all I could see was its shadow, so I hid under the covers.

A more recent one is just a few months ago, I was outside smoking a cigarette, I felt like someone was watching me from my bedroom window. When I got inside, I felt this cold feeling on my shoulder and hear "Are you alright?" Everyone was asleep by this time, the window was closed, it was just me awake.

Sorry for such a long post, I just want to know what this means.

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Re: Spirits.
Post # 2
Well I am flattered that they think I have beauty,but ancient curse? What makes you think that?
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Re: Spirits.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It sounds as though the layers surrounding your spiritual ears and eyes temporarily weakened at certain points in your life, and at those times you were able to perceive the spirits around you in ways that normally you are not.

The spirits are everywhere- and there may be several in your life that have different purposes for being there. The cause of the experiences, however, is not the spirits themselves- it is your own blocks to spiritual perception weakening.
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Re: Spirits.
Post # 4
Is there anyway I can get rid of these blocks?
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Re: Spirits.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Spirits are everywhere. It isn't that unusual for you to notice them from time to time, or even all of the time.

Asking what it means to experience spirits is like asking why we see birds outside. They're there and you're aware of them. They exist independently and do what they want.

Some aim to hurt or help and others are on their own agenda and have no interest in you. Those there to help are what we call guides. We all usually have one main guide, one that stays with us from birth to death. But there is no limit on how many spirits may choose to watch out for you and advise you, just as we have no limit on how many friends we have. Many times passed away family members decide to watch over the family. This is why many of us honor our ancestors.

Spirits are more prone to be around high energy sources. Kids and teens are usually bursting with energy--physical energy as children and emotional energy as teens. This is also why places with high energy are hotspots (schools, hospitals, sports centers, etc). Lots of energy for them to have a buffet at their disposal. It's in the environment and ripe for the picking.

Trickster spirits love messing with those who they know can sense them. They'll prank them, make them frightened, or mislead them for giggles. Malicious spirits do it to gain something or just because. Other spirits use people that are mediums or sense them as a bridge to the physical.
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Re: Spirits.
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Yes it is possible to remove the blocks. I just created a thread that deals with that issue. :)

I hope that it is helpful.
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Re: Spirits.
Post # 7
Great! Thank you!
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