What happen

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What happen
Post # 1
Man what happen when I frist join this site ther was a lot of people on here now ther not that many any more
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Re: What happen
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Things change. A while back Harry Potter was all the rage, though now it's replaced by Twilight, and everyone of a certain age became interested in magick. Also now there's things like the electronic moderator/automatic gagging I've heard people talking about that may have led to some people choosing to leave especially if they were gagged.
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Re: What happen
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Your just telling a false statement.MOD'S don't gag members in random.They gag you for a specific purpose.And you should not complain because the're just doing their duty.

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Re: What happen
Post # 4
There is still a lot of members on the site,the main reason you might not be seeing a lot of activity is probably because a lot of the members are in different time zones,and sometimes they have a normal life with a normal job to take care of aswell.I doubt the mods would cause a majority of the people to leave,because if you stick within the rules and have respect for the other members then usually you will be allright.Atleast that's what I believe,once again I only speak based on my own opinion.
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Re: What happen
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I was talking about, as I stated electronic, the new feature I've heard mentioned but yet to experience where you can be gagged even if a living mod isn't online as there is some type of automstic gagging in place not that the gag isn't deserved but that it catches people when a normal mod might not gag them. This of course is only in the chat. I am very respectful of the mods but a few months back when I heard about this new system some members were unhappy as it caught them or was tougher on them than a living mod. I doubt that's the case as to why the numbers might be smaller as to really know I'd really need to know when they joined SOM but I was trying to answer their question with common sense based observations and not insult the mods.
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