Normal or deeper meaning?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Normal or deeper meaning?

Normal or deeper meaning?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Ok, I honestly don't know why I'm posting this because I don't perceive anything deeper than a normal everyday occurrence but sometimes you overlook things I guess. I am aware playing cards can be used for tarot readings and today I ran across 3 laying in a way that blocked them from being identified at a glance as the cards on the ends had their backs facing outward, which is what made me curious enough I guess to pick them up. I really believe they were just found lying around and placed there (I'm at someone else's home), but the stack consisted of a jack of clubs, a 5 of hearts, and a jack of hearts. Does anyone perceive some meaning in my discovering these specific cards?
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Re: Normal or deeper meaning?
Post # 2
Jack of clubs can represent a young man with dark hair and blue eyes. Jack of hearts is young man fair hair and blues eyes (The eye colour can be also grey or green) The way I know of doesn't use 5 of hearts sorry.
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Re: Normal or deeper meaning?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Jacks are unisex. Jack of clubs is someone with dark hair and/or someone with a serious disposition, an intellectual that works hard to achieve their goals. Jack of hearts, someone with blonde or light brown hair, and/or someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and their emotions reign over their logic/common sense. Jack people are usually more carefree, young at heart or physically young people. The 5 of hearts in the middle is the same meaning as the five of cups in tarot, emotional loss. So these two will probably have an arguement or are quarrelling already and it may end the friendship. It could be a warning or a present situation.

That is, if the cards really hold meaning. But considering your desire to find out and how they stood out in your mind/memory, I would perceive it as a message.
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Re: Normal or deeper meaning?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you for your views it's very interesting and after posting this a similar thought to what was mentioned came to mind that for all my saying I thought the cards held no meaning I still felt compelled to post this. I'll keep my eyes opdn and we'll see. I have dark brown hair and while I feel my emotions are easily effected I don't show them often and I feel I am a logical person, so one of the two mentioned could be me. You never know what might happen the world is full of poseibilities (I think I stole that off a Hallmark card sorry ;).).
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