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Magic Words
Post # 1
I know that for as long as it feels right to you you can make spells pretty easily but sometimes you just might hit a wall so I made this thread for everyone to post what phrases or words everyone likes to put into their spells or have found work well in the past. If you want you can even put in spell tips. I hope that this thread helps out a lot of people new or experienced. Ill even put in three phrases that I like and find work well. They are: so mote it be, this spell I cast, and three times three. These are pretty well known ones but Im in a hurry so anything useful for spell casting is welcome.
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Re: Magic Words
Post # 2
not used in spells but:
there's something magical about the word ?I will create as I speak? sounds familiar? :)
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Re: Magic Words
Post # 3
Abracadabra actually means "I have created through my speech" and people used to believe it had healing powers when written in the form of a triangle like it is here:
A b r a c a d a b r a
A b r a c a d a b
A b r a c a d a
A r a c a d
A b r a
A b r
A b
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Re: Magic Words
Post # 4
Sorry my triangle didn't work out right just see the one here
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Re: Magic Words
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Next time, use periods instead of spaces when making things that need shape like that. I learned that the hard way too a while back.

Great topic idea!

"Agla" is a condensed power word for the hebrew god, "Atah givur l'olam, adonai." You are great forever, my Lord"

We can create our own words like this in any language, and people do it all the time. For instance s.w.a.t. team, s.c.u.b.a. diver, n.a.s.a., etc. These are new words created from full phrase descriptions. So you can create your own phrase, condense it to initials and write it/say it and no one but yourself and those you tell will know its meaning. Neat trick for those in the broom closet. ;-)

"Aum" known as "Om" is very well known. Try sitting up straight and saying "ah", drop the note until you feel it in your hips, drop it lower until you feel it under your hips...ah, the root chakra! Now from "ah" change the sound to a "o" sound like in "foot". Play with the note of it until you feel it in your belly and chest. Finally "mmm" until it feels like its circling your head. Now THAT'S how you really use the power of "Om"!

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Re: Magic Words
Post # 6
Thank you all for posting and I cant wait to read any other posts people put here. I never knew that about abracadabra before Exloremaster and Acodamagic, and as for WhiteRav3n, those are some great words of power that I never would have found on my own so thank you :).
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