White, Gray, Black, What?

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Forums -> General Info -> White, Gray, Black, What?

White, Gray, Black, What?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I am sure when you just stated your path you questioned on the colors of magick. I am sure if you are new now you know some but not much of it. But that isn't something to be afraid of, asking questions is good and trying to answer them the best you could feels good.

Magick has no color, it is just there.

This is true on a certain degree and I have heard this before a few times around. This is your short answer that gets some people to stop asking and accept the whole color issue is just with themselves. On a personal level this is just half of the answer. Think of magick as rice; rice is tasteless, small, and almost colorless. However, rice can be cooked in different ways. You can put chili powder to spice it up (also dyes the rice to be red), you can add some beef in there or soy beans to give it flavor (rice absorbs the flavor of different foods), and even if rice all by itself is weak, they come together and group up (sticky rice).

Magick isn't that different at all. Magick is blank, small believed, and indeed colorless. Blank because before we started to use it it was just there floating around doing it's own thing. No title, no duties, no rules or laws, just there. Now we have the means to use it and that created the title, duties, and rules. But before it does that, we have to first use it. Small believed because not that many people really do believe in it. I bet there are some people on this site that don't believe in magick or have a slight misunderstanding of it which creates a new belief. But even if it is small believed, it is still strong when people group up to use it. And finally the reason for this post, it is colorless. But why you ask? Remember that magick is floating around with no title and duties. Nothing that commands it but yet it wants to be told on what to do. At first it is colorless until you use it for your own means.

Just like the rice and the chili powder, magick is colorless until you add your color of your intentions. The chili powder pupose was to make it spicer but it had a side effect of changing the color. So if you have magick and you want to heal someone, you just may have changed the color of magick into white. If you cursed someone than you changed the color of it into black. Get it? Magick is colorless, but that changes when you use it for your own means.

White, Gray, Black, What?

This is just an add-on to the article because I really do think it fits in it well. If magick does have color after my use, than what does the color stands for? Well I believe that there are two reasons on why we lable spells of white, gray, or black. The first is to put certain spells in certain areas. Instead of one big book, we have three smaller books. So if you are looking for that good luck spell you don't have to spead all day turning the pages. Instead you just have to pick up the gray book out of the other two colored books. Now the other reason is because that is how the spell is normally would be used. Remember that Magick is colorless until you use it. So if you have the good will to heal someone, the magick will turn into a white spell. If you use it to increase your own luck, the magick will turn into a gray spell. If you use it to curse someone, the magick will turn black. Simplier this way.

Now this does not mean that if you find a spell in the black area of magick, it will always be black. I have seen people use the dark arts to save someone's life and even seen someone use a simple gray spell to help their poor friend out. Even if the spell was listed as black they turned it into a white spell after their use.

A little warning, if you are under a certain ordeal and there is another way besides using black magick, use that first. Yes you may turn the black spell into a white of the use of it but why take that chance?

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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
Post # 2
Good Post!
I agree with what you are saying,that is Exactly how it works
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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
You are absolutely correct. It is all in the intention of the user. If magic is done from a selfless state, and done with caring and compassion for all, then there is no evil in it. However, if it is done with intent to do any harm, or without concern for others or the after effects, if you will allow the word, then this is an evil nature at work, or at least an uncaring person.


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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
Post # 4
Great post cus your right magick does not have any colour it's man that call's it white, black, grey, red etc. There's no good or evil that's man made thing. (even though I find that hard myself to admit there's no good or evil) It's the heart of the with that's good or bad.
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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
Post # 5
Just a thought...

What if what you really desire is success, money, and power? Would using witchcraft to help obtain those thing necessarily be black magic, and if so, why? Is there really anything wrong with being selfish, or putting your needs ahead of others?

Seriously, some people are going to have more than others, why shouldn't it be you?
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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
Post # 6
Great post! I normally think of magick as Rainbow colours somtimes or transparent.
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Re: White, Gray, Black, What?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Great post, though your take on Grey is a little off. The Grey path isn't a form of magick usage unto itself it simply means that you use both of the other forms while trying to maintain a balance, though what that balance is differs from person to person. Black magick refers to any spell or usage that has a negative effect on the intended target, i.e. manipulation of will, direct or indirect harm, etc. White magick is any spell or usage that hase a positive effect, i.e. healing, blessings, etc.
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