"Stuffy" Incense question

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> "Stuffy" Incense question

"Stuffy" Incense question
Post # 1

Hello guys

First of I think this topic belongs here so please don't go burning me if it doesn't.

My question is,I have recently moved to a new apartment,a nice place that has a bigger garden and everything.There is one problem though.My old place was transformed from a section of a abandoned library to apartments.It had a special smell that complimented my energy very well.I call it "The old library smell" that is because well,it reminded me of books,knowledge.Itwas a musky smell.My new apartment lacks this smell,and i can feel it in my energy and my focus seems to not be on par to what is used to be.

I have rejected the notion of using moth balls or making paper pulp.I will be using Amber but i fear that it will attract unwanted entities , yet it is the closest i can find.Is there any other incense or something that can bring back that smell or atleast create something similiar? I don't want to leave this smell,so moving on isn't an option.

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Re: "Stuffy" Incense question
Post # 2
The soda sprite smells like old books. Try placing sprite throughout the house (if you don't believe me, go smell it. It seriously smells like musky old paper)
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Re: "Stuffy" Incense question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I know the smell you're speaking about. I love that smell! I think its a bookworm thing. I love books. I don't think the energy is in the smell however, and I'm sure you could evoke the energy into your home in other ways.

Amber is wonderful for balancing the emotions and calming the mind (therefore used for meditation quite frequently). It is also protective against malicious spirits and energy, cleansing spaces. So I don't see why it would invite unwanted guests. Its considered a substance of the gods and therefore very "divine" in nature. Perhaps you feel drawn to amber due to its similar energy to books/libraries. They are quiet places, very peaceful, that offer knowledge, much like meditation and deities of wisdom. Libraries tend to have very high vibrations, and I believe that's what you are seeking.

Try wearing amber, not just burning it. You can also try working with lapis lazuli. Maybe setting a bowl filled with which ever stone helps in the middle of your home as a centerpiece. This can give your home the "feeling" you desire.

You may want to also try an oil diffuser with patchouli (as too much incense is bad for your lungs). It has a very earthy, musky smell that may appeal to you. If you use the incense, don't just sniff it to see if the smell is what you are looking for. Burn it, it smells different when burned.
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Re: "Stuffy" Incense question
Post # 4

Thank you so much WhiteRav3n,I will be sure to try this out.

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