Help deity problems

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Help deity problems
Post # 1
Ive been searching for my patron deity lately but ive been having trouble. Ive tried Bastet, Anubis, Hecate, Aphrodite, And Kundalini but I havent felt connected to anyone. Who do you worship? any suggestions?
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Re: Help deity problems
Post # 2
I follow the Goddess and God. No names. It has worked for me. There is no need to stress over it, when the time comes you will find who they are. Learn what you can and know that they love you regardless of if you can name them.
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Re: Help deity problems
Post # 3

I follow the concept of a God and Goddess. Isis being my patron Goddess and Cernnunos being my patron God. Aside from that I have the Virgin Mary, that she represents motherly love. If you do not feel connected to any of them then I suggest to invoke them. Pray to them. Then you will feel connected.

I remember when I did my first offerings. I herd voices and laughing. When I closed my circle, a male voice laughed. It was so strange and strong. It felt very powerfull. I really don't care what you (or others) thought it was. I personally believe it was the God. I felt so honored. Maybe it was the neighbors? Well, I think it was the God. The thing is you must conect to them. It takes work. You can just stand there and wait till you feel connected. Research the God(s) then find one that best suits you.

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Re: Help deity problems
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Over the years I've followed several Deities but I have a main Patron God and Matron Goddess also. But that doesn't mean that you must have Only a god and a goddess. That's totally up to you. Usually you don't choose your deities, but they choose you instead if that makes sense. I've always felt drawn to certain deities and pantheons. Deities can give you signs, they can also come in your dreams. Read on different pantheons, the Greek-Roman one, Egyptian, Aztec, Nordic Celtic, Slavic and I'm sure you will feel drawn to some of them. They will rather make themselves known to you. Read on their myths, likes, dislikes, correspondences. How were they worshipped? What are their attributes? What does each Deity represent and why? Did they have a rivalry? It might sound weird to some but I believe that each deity has a unique personality. There are so-so many deities out there but some Deities are similar. Which pantheon fascinates you?Why does it fascinate you? Are there any gods/goddesses you've felt drawn to? Look them up, learn as much as possible about them. Last but not least, you can meditate asking for their help to show you the way.

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Re: Help deity problems
By: / Novice
Post # 5

You do not even have to have a patron deity. I would look more into them finding you than you finding them. I find that the ones you are supposed to be following will make it known to you, somehow or another in your life, even to the point of actually appearing to you, either in dreams, meditations, trances, or during astral projection. They are who they are, and they'll let you know they want you to worship them, or to honor them. I consider honor and worship separate things.

For me, I acknowledge many gods, even those not of the Kemetic pantheon of any age.That said, the deities I have on my altar, the ones I pray to, talk to, and work with are Sekhmet-Hetheru and Set. Sekhmet-Hetheru has been a major influence in my life and Set is something of my own personal nature.I do not honor them as Lord and Lady, but rather as separate entities that could, and probably do, hang around each other from time to time.

How you choose to worship or honor the gods you choose or that choose you is your choice. Be yourself in all things.

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Re: Help deity problems
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I've never "looked" for a "god" or "goddess". Such higher beings always entered my life on their own. Once they did, I began feeling a bond and then began working with them. Give it time, the one for you will find you.

I had a similar experience as Angelica. Not the first time but the second or third time I worked with Morrigan, I heard crows/ravens very loudly surrounding me--not outside the house but inside upclose. It was an amazing feeling I'll never forget.

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