soul and lifeforce

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soul and lifeforce
Post # 1
everyone thinks that a soul and life-force are the same thing that's not true. life force is the energy that make's us alive the soul is just the consciousness
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Re: soul and lifeforce
Post # 2
Perhaps you could go a bit more in depth on what you consider "The energy that make;s us alive" is. There are man different types of energy, and was curious as to which you think it is?
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Re: soul and lifeforce
Post # 3
I was taught that all of life is the conciousness of the divine being and because "As above so below" we all have our own conciousness. Conciousnees is a form of energy and so therefore in reality all things are a matter of conciousness and so therefore everything is energy i.e life force, however then again you could be right noone knows but also my basic physics knowedge also states that solidity is an illusion and therefore everything is constantly vibrating and so everything either emits energy contantly or is energy itself the soul is made up of life force and not our own individual conciousness but the life force itself is the conciousness of the supreme macrocosmic being/god/universe/ big white bearded vampire in the sky whatever the idea of god is which the person has.
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Re: soul and lifeforce
Post # 4
I think I see what you're talking about. The spiritual stuff I raise and focus in ritual or that makes up my aura is not the same as the spiritual part of me that will be reborn or sent to Heaven or whatever else when I die.


Just be aware that there are some views that support the existence of one without the other.
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Re: soul and lifeforce
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I took this very negatively. Saying "that's not true" about a belief that is older than Greek itself isn't very nice. Many do believe that the soul is life. I do. And you're telling me a spiritual belief of mine is "not true". And how, pray tell, do you know you're idea is "true" and mine is false?

The soul is much more complicated than simply life force but it is at the core of it in my and many many beliefs.
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