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Ancient One
Post # 1
I am new to magick, but at the same time I am old. I am here to spread my knowledge, and hope for other's knowledge to be spread onto me. Antiquus translates into Ancient One. It represents the eternal age of the soul, and the lifetimes to come.

I am an information sponge. I hope to learn much from my time in this magickal community, and ask for anyone willing to send me information of any kind. I do not however enjoy spam mail and would ask for you to not send me any.

Anyone willing to learn, or who has questions can feel free to message me. i will answer any questions to the best of my ability, if I can not answer then I will say so, rather than answering with guess to try to save face as many seem to do now a days.
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Re: Ancient One
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I don't just inform one person of random information. I answer specific questions when they are asked in the forum or pmed to me. My best advice to you is just to browse around and read the history of the forums. You can also use the search bar if you're looking for a particular subject. There is a good handful of experienced people here but there are a lot more very novice to downright ignorant ones, so be sure to impliment your critical reading skills!

I enjoyed your introduction and I hope to see you frequent the board. Welcome.
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Re: Ancient One
Post # 3
I do know a bit, and definitely how to sniff out a fluff when they are near by. I do have things on my profile specifically that I am studying and would enjoy information on. But do to my cravings for information I tend to enjoy when people send me random things even if I know the things already. It allows me the opportunity to learn more about the subject in question or even change my view on it. Thank you for the warm welcome, and i hope to see you more on the boards as well.
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