latin spells

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latin spells
Post # 1
are Latin spells better than the English ones or are they the same??????
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Re: latin spells
Post # 2
This is a rather interesting subject and there are many theories on why using different languages in magick might add more power to a spell. A well known theory is that writing a spell in a different language as well as inscribing it on talismans,.circle, ect is that it is required of you to put more time and energy into the writing it unlike regular english which would take almost no effort at all.some people beleive that the language is more recognized by spirits, some people think the language actually holds power. Latin is well known in magick because it was considered especially holy by preists and was used in incantations to summon and control demons. In short i would say yes as long as you dont just recite the latin like a robot and put your intent in it just like every spell
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Re: latin spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I don't think a language will change the potency behind a spell. Only two things: the meaning of a word, not the word itself and the intention behind the word.
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Re: latin spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
There is power in sound. So certain words that vibrate a special way or contain specific sound are power words. But just writing a spell in another language or speaking a spell in another language will not make it more powerful.

If you want to learn more about the power in language and sound, I suggest reading "Magic, Power, Language, Symbol" by Patrick Dunn. It is the easiest to read and most informative book on the subject I have read to date and I feel it has even helped me to gain a greater understanding of what I've already been practicing. Now instead of just practicing it "because it works" I understand WHY it works, which gives me a firmer belief on its effectiveness. Since it is an overview, it will lead you into deeper research of the specific subjects you find most interesting.
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