Sorry deleted punc post

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Sorry deleted punc post
By: / Beginner
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I often use these spells to get to tests on time but they have other uses, mostly for luck

These spells rely on Elder futhark runes which I can't reproduce on the forum so I'll just use the names of the runes. They can be looked up later on line The spells can either be chanted(outloud or in your mind) or written on a piece of paper with a pen dear to you. In my experience, the more practice you have the less obvious your spellwork has to be.

First rune sequence:


Hagalaz can be very negative but it also helps achieve success in a fixed framework. Or you can see it as balls of hail destroying everything that could interfere with arriving on time

Dagaz creates great luck and opportunities

Ansuz brings luck on tests. Getting there on time or having the test start late is very lucky


This is actually useful for anything you may desperately need and have clear ideas on how it needs to be achieved. Be sure you absolutely and desperately desire it though or naudiz could inspire that kind of need

Hagalaz fullfils the same purpose

Sowilo brings victory overy a challenge

Naudiz either relieves or inflicts needs

Wunjo Dagaz Ansuz

This spell is not strictly punctuality but it makes sure the outcome of a test or communication is possible. This may mean giving a magical boost to your commute

Wunjo- creates joy and positive situations

Dagaz for good luck

Ansuz - luck on tests or for excellent communication or even for wisdom

Say ALU when you are done with any of these spells or charms

These spells(or if they are on paper, charms) are best cast in the morning and can get boosted by the waxing moon. I personally like to add the rune Mannaz(it stands for man) and then the runes for my initials so that it is clear who the spell is being cast on. Girls may wish to substitute the rune Mannaz with Berkano or Laguz(If you think you are a very assertive woman). I've had remarkable results with these spells and have managed to get to school thirty minutes early after leaving thirty minutes late.

Taking personal action helps the spell a lot. Running to you location, even at an easy jog will boost its power tremendously even if you walk for a tiny fraction of your commute as I do. Picturing the magic messing with time also add a power boost. If these spells work for you as they do for me, be prepared to be amazed by the clocks at your destination

I hope this is helpful!

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