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Post # 1
Is anyone familiar with green magic? I had someone cast a love spell for me and I sent them two pictures, one of my love and one of myself. They said when the time is right say to them. "I will follow you anywhere".. Does anyone know what type of spell this is? They warned me to stay out of the desert so i wasnt sure what that meant but I am kind of freaking out now, I would appreciate ANY help or direction! Ive googled and googled and cant find anything. I can not get a hold of the caster. Thank you
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Re: PLEASE help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: PLEASE help
Post # 3
It appears by your description to be a simple love spell with an activation phrase.
To stay out of the desert could be have a number of reasons. My best guess is that the caster may have associated an aspect of two of you or your lover with the desert something maybe detrimental to the relationship therefore casting this aspect out using the spell. Seems like it's basically to keep you from refreshing whatever issue this spell may have been used to fix.
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Re: PLEASE help
By: / Novice
Post # 4
true Fredek, you make a good point.

first off, 'green magic' from what i was taught is a more practical form where you incorporate magic into you everyday life. [like while making soup you say a healing spell] 'stay out of the desert' the person could be trying to sound deep and insightful, or they could mean you should wander in your life's pursuit or you'll be lost.

if you have a picture of him and of you, you can always do spells yourself. you just need a strong will and focus. materials don't really matter too too much. a lot of things for love spells are actually really easy to find [a lot can be found in the spice section of your grocery store] don't know your situation, or why you want to cast a love spell, but i'd cast another one yourself to be safe. then when you feel right, say the activation phrase.
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Re: PLEASE help
Post # 5
Green Magic is a herbal magic.
which means "to stay in the desert?"
your spell has worked, if you're so open about talking about?
or the result of the spell yet?
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Re: PLEASE help
Post # 6
lol The reason I hadn't originally answered the question of what's green magick is because as you can see it has many definitions. The manner in which you use the term is entirely up to you, just make sure people know what you're talking about. ;)
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