Dilateing Pupils

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Dilateing Pupils
Post # 1
This is just from an interusting experience I had the other day I was sitting with a friend discussing magic and a planned visit to go see my wife in MI, it set off some butterflys in my belly, and he remarked that my eyes pupils became very dilated and showed me in a mirror to the point that only a bit of color was showing he asked me if I had been doing any drugs to which I had not. This sensation I had at the time I normally will get when I have successfully done something in magic that has come or will come to pass. Until just recently however I had not known that it was dilateing my pupils so much. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul so could it be that when working with magic at least I am and perhaps others are doing it from a soulish relm.

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Re: Dilateing Pupils
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Our pupils dialate when we are speaking lies, but this isn't always the case. Pupils dialate when we feel fear, nervousness, or we are ready to fight due to adrenaline. It is also when we are arosed sexually or attracted to someone or something, or when we become "excited" over something in any way (smelling delicious food when hungry, being on roller coasters, hunting, winning the lotto, etc) again, adrenaline.

Magick is in many cultures connected to an "excited" state. Many actually work themselves up before casting. My pupils do dialate when I am working magick.

It does not surprise me that your pupils were dialated because you also mentioned "butterflies in my belly" which demonstrates the above stated jitters that can cause an adrenaline rush. I'm sure your heart was beating a little faster as well, and you may have become thirsty.
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Re: Dilateing Pupils
Post # 3
Yes I agree comepletely raven. Just recently found out that you can control Dilateing the pupils though tencing your belly and hyping yourself up. I find myself wondering how much it has to do with magic magic. Excitement and faith are key and sometimes fear can be helpful as well in rituals. In your openion is it helpful to work yourself up prier to any magic workings?
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