Ghost of my father?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Ghost of my father?

Ghost of my father?
Post # 1
Last night I think I saw the ghost of my father. He appeared by my bed and told me ways he thinks I should change my life. Did I imagine this or should I listen to it?
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Re: Ghost of my father?
Post # 2
Depends, were these ways something that your 'real' father would have said in life ? Are these suggestions reasonable ? Do you 'want' to do them ?
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Re: Ghost of my father?
Post # 3
Is this something he would have said in the physical? Are you doing things that he would nt approve of more so now? Just asking. It is very possible he appeared to you .I would not discredit it at all. He may be also communicating subconsciously. So even if you felt his presence I would at least listen to his message.. Weather it be your conscience or his spirit something is trying to get a point across. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest in the physical. If it is your father dear one he wanted you to get the message.. Only you can decide weather to listen to him. Were you affraid? Or did you feel as though you were clearly communicating.. Did he pass before his time by ilness. Or instantly? I would keep a open mind and definetly your heart. Have you ever seen a spirit other than this time? Spirits are also there to look over us at times.. Why dont you meditate and see if you can clear your mind.. Talk to him every so often and do not be affraid if true he is looking out for you.. Any other help or assistance let me know.. you an friend req me.. and I can work with you on communication.. Do not recomend using a board. You can invite in more than your father. I caution you if you are not ready for other spirits. Or other to come though.. Our loved ones manifest often to us and check in .. Is there any signs or hints he is leaving behind.. Things specific to him that you would think would be caused by him...Let me know if I can help. Blessed Be ..
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Re: Ghost of my father?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I always have to be the devils advocate I guess but not that I don't believe in ghosts but are you feeling guilty about something? What I mean is if something is happening you don't think your father would have approved of or if your doing the opposite of something you know he'd prefer your mind may be reminding you that your father wouldn't agree. Either way it's your life so whether it's a spirit, you subconcious, mind, conscious, etc...if your happy keep doing things the way you are. Well maybe the conscious bit I'd listen to as it is your conscious unless it's simply guilt. My main point is parents while alive at least normally want their children happy, but they aren't always right about how a child would be happy. One should honor ones parents but not let them plot out their entire life in my opinion. In the end whether you should listen depends on what your heart tells you no matter if it was a spirit or a manifestation of your mind.
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