Animal Ghosts

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Animal Ghosts

Animal Ghosts
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I've wondered if anyone has seen a ghost of an animal?

Such as an animal who died and is still on the earth because it is confused or angry??

How would you communicate with an animal ghost? lol

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Re: Animal Ghosts
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I have had experiences with pets who have died and continue to roam the house or their cage afterwards. Its not that they're confused or angry, they've either not realized they died yet or their attachment to the people or home they've spent years in is comfortable to them and they don't wish to leave. There is nothing wrong with either and there isn't much you can do about it. Banishing them would make them very upset/hurt. Just leave them be.

After an animal dies, I don't move their things until they move on. When I no longer hear them, sense them and catch glances of them in the house, then I move what was theirs because I know they've moved on. Some visit randomly, especially cats or dogs. I personally believe they eventually reincarnate back into your life if your bond was very strong.

My dog showed up at my doorstep, as my childhood dog did before him. I swear the eyes are the same although he is a much smaller dog. When he saw me, he acted as though he recognized me, and since that day has had a very strong attachment to me. My childhood dog used to act a lot like a cat, even play with string on her back, and this one does the same. It's comforting knowing they can come back to you, death isn't the end of your time together with your furry friends. =)
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Re: Animal Ghosts
Post # 3

I completely agree with Raven. A fair few cats have been in my life, and tend to return after their death. I've often felt one lying on my tummy in bed, or kneading the bottom of the bed. They go when they are ready, it seems they like to linger for a while.

I also agree that they reincarnate. The spirit of a cat is very distinctive, and easily re-recognised. They come back sometimes to lend comfort, or simply because they want to hang out for a while. Gotta love 'em :D

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Re: Animal Ghosts
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i've had a couple experiences. never actually saw them, but i could tell my dog or cat was in the room. before i moved [from the east coast, i moved a lot as a kid] my cat Peppermint was hit by a car. when he was alive every night at 2:30 he would come into my room, and curl up by my knees [i tend to sleep with my legs bent] after he died, i'd still wake up at 2:30 and feel his paws walk up to my legs and curl up and every morning there would be an indent like something was sleeping there. i moved to my grandmothers house one street over and it kept happening, but once i moved farther it pretty much stopped. i remember once or twice when i was in my teens feeling my cat jump onto my bed to sleep and seeing the impression in my sheets, but that was very rare.

animals spirits are like human spirits, if there was a strong bond, or a sudden death, they'll stay here for a little while.
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