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Post # 1
i was told by a friend that he had some "friends" cut him then then burned a picture (he said it was like a egypt or indian symbol for a wolf) put this liquid stuff it was like a watery jello substance then blew the ashes of the paper in his face i would like to know if a spell like this does exist or was he just lying to me please and many thanks to who ever helps me with this
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Re: Help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Magick is pretty limitless in terms of the way it can be done. Rituals and spells vary considerably depending on culture and individuality. If you go into chaos magick, the ritual work can become even more varied to the point of absurdity (well, it is called "chaos" for a reason). So yes, it could be possible, but no telling what purpose it served. That all depends on the intentions of the caster. You really can't determine anything from that description alone.
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Re: Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
A spell is a ritual or simple action empowered with a person's energy and will so something as simple as writing a person's name on a piece of paper and burning it can constitute a spell if the person doing it focuses their will and energy into causing something to happen as the paper in that case would be away to focus their intent and energy on that person who's name was written on it. My point is this could be a spell though it working is a different story. It could also be a lie. He didn't say what it was supposed to do? Just guessing it could have been a unrealistic, as the general consensus is they don't exist, attempt to perform some sort of werewolf spell focusing on the wolf aspect you mentioned. If this is a documented spell knowing more would help someone decipher the meaning or even if it isn't documented someone could decipher its meaning if they knew more though your friend should know if he's being honest. It could depending on the language have has something to do with some diety whose animal is the wolf. With the Twilight hype going on still though I'd stick to the werewolf theory, but I can't be sure. As stated above the description isn't very descriptive.
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Re: Help?
Post # 4
If he believes a spell was cast on him he can do a severance technique from it or purify himself. Im sure there are herbs you can burn to cancel out spells.
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Re: Help?
Post # 5
I would be kind of scared too.
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